Eminem mocks Donald Trump in a free style rap video

Eminem is back! And he’s in classic bar-for-bar form blasting at Donald Trump from his Detroit home. The cyphers went crazy too.
Eminem ignited a social media firestorm at the BET awards Tuesday with the release of a blistering rap on President Donald Trump.The recorded video shows the rapper in a parking garage freestyling on political controversies like the NFL’s national anthem protests, Trump’s proposed border wall and his international diplomacy.

Eminem, who has never shied away from a feud, has made Trump a target before. In August, during a performance at the Reading Festival in the United Kingdom, Eminem told the crowd that he “can’t stand” the president before leading them in an obscene anti-Trump chant. Days earlier, at a concert in Glasgow, the rapper wore a shirt reading “FACK TRUMP” and made similar comments about the president before performing his song “White America.” (“See the problem is/I speak to suburban kids/who otherwise would’ve never knew these words exist.”)

This is not the first time that Eminem has tackled politics in his songs: He has also taken aim at Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush. Last October, he released the freestyle track “Campaign Speech,” in which he called Trump “a loose cannon who’s blunt with his hand on the button.

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