Eco releases 2nd studio album ‘Wolves’

Last week braced the release of Marchello Parcheo a.k.a ECO’s second studio album Wolves following up to his debut album M(You)Sic in 2011.

Wolves caused stir amongst the trance community, cheering the fans who were waiting patiently as the album saw multiple delays.

Away from the scene for more than 3 years, almost giving up on his DJ’ing career, Eco set himself on a quest to produce an album that he and his fans will cherish for a long time. Not bowing down to EDM scene or trends where one has to put some sort of gimmickry or release a commercially viable single every other month in order to stay relevant. He stood his ground and focused all the energy that he could accumulate after working long hours as a professional Architect towards that one dream.


Wolves is not just any other album that features n number of great compositions, there’s a story behind the album and each track, which he and his friend Gabriella Petrillo has penned down as well.

Wolves is a 15 track album featuring Jennifer Rene, Ariah Noetzel, Chris severe, Gordana Markovic on vocals and Driftmoon as musical partner for ‘Trust In The Wind’.


The album is accompanied by a short novel which can be read along while listening to the album, putting you in the mind frame of the producer directly.

Musically Wolves will remind you of Pink Floyd, Radiohead and bits of kings of Leon intertwined in with the Post Rock ambience creating a musical haven never experienced before. The Album moves seamlessly from one track to another not giving unwanted importance to any particular track, but yet they all sound astounding when listen in solo, it’s hard to try and pick a favourite.

Just over a week-old Wolves rocked the Beatport trance chart by climbing up at No.1. It also saw support from the likes of Ferry Coersten, Solarstone, Markus Schulz and many other reputed trance DJ’s while Armin Van Burren took an extra leap by inviting Eco for the album special on ASOT 785.


We have not changed our track list ever since the release of Wolves and after listening to it countless times we can only say that Marchello has gifted his fans something that they will keep for a life time.

The success of Wolves might urge some other capable producers to introspect and treat Music the way it deserves to be, or it might not, who’s to say who’s right or wrong, regardless we will still have WOLVES!

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