Deadmau5 releases ‘W:/2016ALBUM/’ on mau5trap

Deadmau5, a leading figure in electronic music has unleashed his sixth studio album W:/2016ALBUM/ (pronounced as ‘w drive 2016 album’) out today, Friday, 2nd December. W:/2016ALBUM/ is his first release as an independent artist via his own label mau5trap.

W:/2016ALBUM/, a myriad of original deadmau5 compositions ranging from atmospheric to techno to old-school synths with NME calling it, “a judicious side-step away from the plasticky insta-rush of EDM, it finds Zimmerman rebuilding his sound around the huge collection of classic and rare synths he’s lovingly assembled in his new studio.” There’s “Let Go,” one of the album’s centerpiece selections with moody atmospheric vocals from Grabbitz, “Cat Thruster,” “2448” (written as the new anthem for Canadian hockey outfit, the Toronto Maple Leafs), the rising techno of the superb “Imaginary Friends”–inspired by deadmau5’s own love for gaming, specifically eSports–and the slow-building “No Problem,” a song whose quirky intro of bells and synths is reminiscent of Tom Waits’ “What’s He Building In There.” Expect a variety of mau5 classics as “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff,” “Strobe” and many others as well.


Deadmau5’s new stage show–a kinetic version of his previous cube with many enhancements—made its debut last night via “Live In Rehearsals,” where he gave a livestream performance on his YouTube channel of songs from W:/2016ALBUM/ and unveiled his updated, custom-built Cube 2.1, giving not only a sneak peek of his new music, but also the opportunity to explore the famed cube that is central to his upcoming live performances. Standing at 15 ft. tall and 16 ft. wide, making it larger than its predecessors, Cube 2.1 features internal robots that push the sides of the cube–consisting of state-of-the-art LED panels–up and around while projecting brand new graphics.

Deadmau5’s original cube made its debut at Coachella in April 2010, catapulting him to become one of the most in-demand live acts in the world.

On deadmau5’s YouTube channel in the coming weeks, experience exclusive content including the livestream performance, 360-degree and standard format performance videos of the lead single “Let Go (feat. Grabbitz),” and behind the scenes videos of his iconic LED cube for his upcoming American tour.

Stream the album here

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