Coldplay might be doing a Charity concert in India soon!

Coldplay, which is among history’s one of the best-selling music acts, has always proved that one can master the art of putting on a rock show without going overboard. The band’s props are simple – balloons, lasers, a cubic ton of confetti – but it uses them expertly to create a modest event that somehow feels bigger than life!

The band have surely fallen in love with India. Chris Martin came down last year in June as a part of Chris’s global Charity programme & once again hit the shores of bombay in September & shot a music video for “Hymn for the weekend” at Worli, which surely took the Mumbaikars on a Coldplay hunt across the city, to catch a glimpse of their favorite band shooting a sequence for their single and maybe have a word or two with the guys!


And now, the rumors are up again. This time, it might be for real though!

According to sources, Coldplay will perform in Mumbai or Delhi (most likely Delhi) for a charity concert (free entry most likely) in November or December & you might end up spotting Sonam Kapoor here as well! 😜
But this information surely cannot be confirmed as we do not have any official word from the promoters till date.

This charity concert will mostly be a part of the Global Citizen Concert. The Global Citizen foundation is committed to making a difference by reaching out to children and young people who are in need. Over the years, GC has been holding an annual free ebtry event in New York city, with this year’s showdown featuring Priyanka Chopra, Chris Martin + more! Last time Chris came to India, he was a part of the GC Delegate and we have a source confirming that the organization might finally make its presence felt in India with this epic concert!

Keep in touch with CME for more updates on the Coldplay tour & till any official announcement, try to make your day with Chris Martin’s suprise performance here:

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