CME’s Top 5 ‘The Chainsmokers’ tracks!

We are just a week away from what is anticipated to be one of the biggest festivals of this year. Yes India…. its almost here… We have just ONE FUCKING WEEK to go for India’s first ever Road to Ultra festivals with the excitement now running at an all time high. With a stunning lineup featuring some of the best and biggest names in Dance music industry such as Rezz, Sam Feldt, Slushii and Raiden to name a few & with the Chainsmokers headlining you know that this is going to be one massive party. Although the headlining duo needs no introduction at all as in the last two years their fame has literally skyrocketed to epic proportions scoring hit after hit with each release and with their songs being played almost every where you go, we decided to put together a list of their top 5 most played tracks in terms of views on YouTube of all time.

5. Setting Fires – 49 Million Views.

Coming in at #5 is the lyric video for “Setting Fires” which was their collaboration with XYLØ that has racked up over 49 million views since its release way back in November of last year which also ended up going gold in Australia and Canada that eventually peaked at the #97 spot on Billboards Hot Dance/Electronic charts.

4. Paris – 279 Million Views.

Paris is one of those tracks that is not just a personal favourite but is perhaps the only Chainsmokers that got me hooked to it ever since videos of the track surfaced on the internet of when they premiered it during their set at the Los Angeles Convention Centre back in December and since then I’ve had a hard time not hitting the repeat button again and again and by the looks of things there are a lot of other people who have loved the track as much as I have, as since being published the video now has over 279 million views on it. The track quickly soared to the top of the charts (Spoiler Alert: You’re going to be reading this line a lot in this article) in numerous countries such as Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland and the US to name a few also going platinum in a handful of countries (3X in terms of Australia).

3. Selfie – 506 Million Views.

Oh Come on! Don’t give us shit for this one! We had to add this one to the list especially since it has over 506 million views on it! When selfie was released it blew up all over the internet dominating airwaves all over the world so much so that it eventually turned out to be one of those annoying songs for most of us due to it getting that much of playtime. Don’t get me wrong here this is one damn good track but you’ve got to admit it this is just one of those songs that was just overplayed too many goddamn times to remember, even the guys have themselves admitted it that this track has kind of been played one too many times and yes it also did end up dominating the charts the world over.

4. Something Just Like this 640 Million Views.

Although we did know that Drew and Alex we’re working on some pretty high profile collabs nobody fucking saw this one coming! Something Like This literally came from nowhere when it was announced just a few hours before The Chainsmokers took to the stage at the Brit Awards to perform the track live for the first time along with Coldplay sending fans of both the fanbases into a frenzy to get their hands on the track and in just a couple of hours blew up all over the internet with everyone talking about it. And as for the charts and certifications? The Chainsmokers collaborated with one of the biggest bands of all time, I guess in this case the stats don’t even matter.

5. Closer – 1.8 Billion Views.

Although the official video for the track did get over 243 million views on YouTube, the lyric video of Closer ended up taking the trophy for the most viewed Chainsmokers video of all time and as if it wasn’t already a sure hit track with Drew and the stunning Halsey on vocals, Rory Kramer who is not just a close friend to the Chainsmokers but is also an extremely talented guy at what he does is the person who bought the lyric video to life that today has over a mind blowing 1.8 BILLION FUCKING VIEWS. Yes…. 1.8 BILLION VIEWS!! As if dominating the charts with the track for months wasn’t enough not mentioning the amount of countries in which it topped the charts and the amount of times & countries where it went platinum (trust me I could write a whole fucking article on the stats for this track) Rory created a masterpiece that was the first lyric video in the history of YouTube to rack up a billion views and is also currently the 19th most viewed video on YouTube of all time.

Over the years Ultra has established themselves as one of the best and most reputed dance music festivals of all time pulling it off with the best in terms of lineups, productions and everything in between and even though there are other Road to Ultra or Ultra festivals that is being held all over the world that had/has a bigger lineup, we have got to admit this by far has been one of the best lineups that we have ever seen for a festival being held in India and we’re sure that after looking at the response we can certainly expect to see a much bigger lineup next year. For now, if you haven’t already go and grab yourself a ticket from HERE, pack your bags and head out to Mumbai or Delhi (yes in the backseat of a rover if you are rich enough to do so) whichever place is closer to you because trust us ….. This is going to be one helluva party!




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