CMEPick – Top 5 Tracks by Dousk

Dousk, is not just another name in the underground music circuit. The Greek producer has made quite the name for himself over the years with some splendid productions. Ιοannis Douskos aka Dousk has toured India before and has always managed to leave the audience spell bound. He is performing this weekend in Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

The Mumbai edition of his tour looks to be a banger. Ankytrixx & Friends Entertainment have managed to put together a splendid night with homeboy Siddhant Kapoor aka Bullzeye playing a special birthday set along with the Greek legend. We simply cannot wait for tomorrow night and hence we decided to put together top 5 of his tracks to give you a feeler of what is going to go down at Ruka come tomorrow night.

DouskSleepless2Insta(1) (1)

Here is the CME Pick of Top 5 Tracks by Dousk.

Hope you guys had a great time listening to these wonderful tracks and we hope to see you tomorrow night at Ruka for the #Sleepless night with Ankytrixx & Friends.

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