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Otto Yliperttula professionally known as YOTTOa Finnish producer from Helsinki has taken the world of Dance Music with a storm in the past couple of years. Regarded by fans as the next legend to come from the Anjunadeep stable, YOTTO has played at sold out shows across the world. He also featured on Above & Beyond’s landmark ABGT200 celebrations in Amsterdam and was also a part of the Anjunadeep label tour in North America very recently. We caught up with YOTTO at Wonderwall Festival where he played a stellar B2B set with Jody Wisternoff before playing another extended set at Satellite Beachside as a part of the Anjunadeep Goa showcase. Read our complete chat below.


Welcome back to India, Otto. You’ve made a solid fan base here in India. How are you feeling coming back to Goa after a year? How has 2016 been for you?

It feels great to be here. It’s an amazing feeling to have so many fans. 2016 has been a really good year, super strong one. I am really happy about the way that things are going right now. I am just trying to take some time out from the touring to get some studio time and make some more music.

2016 has been yet another mammoth year for you with chart topping hits one after another. How does Yotto keep churning out these hits? What is the formula for his success?

I don’t think there is a formula for my success. I just try to outdo myself every time. I just make music that I actually like myself and so far it’s been working and people have been enjoying it. We’ll see how it goes on.

With someone putting out tracks so frequently, we’ve heard that the most primal struggle is making sure no two tunes sound similar. How do you deal with this?

It’s difficult. People sometimes like some of the sounds that I don’t really use that much and also I love throwing in some stuff that is my favourite once in awhile. But I kind of start every track from the scratch so they end up sounding different.


You played at many festivals across the world this year with one of them being the Mau5trap vs Pryda Friends stage at Tomorrowland. How was the experience of playing for such a massive audience on a lineup that featured some of the top talent in the industry?

It was a great experience. The production at Tomorrowland was next level. And getting the nod from those 2 legends to play on their stage was really great, I am very happy about that.

It’s been almost 2 years of your Anjuna journey. How has the journey been so far?

It’s been perfect. We started slowly with a couple of tracks, but now we have built a very deeper relationship now. I have a lot of guys working on my management who also work with Anjuna. So it’s a great relationship so far.

You were a part of Anjunadeep’s North American label tour over the last 2-3 months and now you’re here to represent them again. How has the Anjunadeep Tour been for you?

It was a great tour. I toured earlier with Jody and Cubicolor last year, and this year it was my to be at the front. I was accompanied by some really talented artists on this tour. We were a bunch of different kind of artists on this tour. Theo Kottis is a very good DJ and our styles are very different, so occasionally we would do a Back to Back set on the tour, that was a great experience. I believe America is a good place for Anjuna and us artists as well. We received a tremendous response to the tour.

With some serious fan following all over the world and with those looks that could very well make you the next James Bond, you have become a very popular figure in the music world today. Tell us a memorable fan story that you recollect at the top of you memory.

Well, every fan experience is memorable for me and there have been so many of them across the world. It really feels good to have so many fans everywhere you go. India has been really impressive, I had not expected my music to reach so far and make a difference. So it’s a great experience.


You played one of the best sets of ABGT200 and an even better set the Anjunadeep afterparty. You had some aces up your sleeve on both occasions. Specially that bootleg of Pryda’s Aftermath which had the Thuishaven crowd drooling all over it. What else does YOTTO have in his locker?

Endless Amounts of music. I have been into music for such a long time so my collection goes so deep that I can just pick up anything I want from it. It all depends on the vibe to be honest, sometimes I pick a classic sometimes it’s something new. I have been making edits even before I started producing, so I have a lot of them to choose from. Sometimes I just pick up a classic and rehash it and play it in a set.

Your tracks although categorised as Deep House have a big potential for the large room as well. They fit very well in sets meant for an underground music night at a club or a proper big scale festival set. How do you manage to achieve that balance?

I am a big fan of big moments. I love to have the feel of a big moment or euphoria in my tracks but at the same time I try to maintain the balance and try not to go overboard. This helps me to keep the tracks balanced for different environments.

What does 2017 have in store for YOTTO? Perhaps a debut album?

Nothing really concrete yet. I am just going to try and work on my music as much as I can and then see if we can club it into an album. Next year is a mystery, a lot of festivals and gigs coming up.

Any message for your fans in India?

Well the Anjuna Family India has always been hugely supportive, Thank you to all of them for showing up in large numbers every time and I look forward to be back here.

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