CME Sit-Down : Yellow Claw

Yellow Claw have been the torch bearers for Trap Music for a while now. Right from taking the music to new heights with massive album success to their collaborations with artists to their extensive world tours, Yellow Claw have been the forerunner. This year we saw them grace the Mumbai for their very first India show and it was a massive success. The duo are coming back to play at the inaugural edition of the stellar Electric Daisy Carnival in India. We invited the duo to have a Sit-Down with us before the weekend.


1) Hello Guys, welcome back to India, your fans are absolutely elated to have you back. How have you been? What’s Brewing in the Yellow Claw camp?

We have been busy working on the new album and it is going to be Massive.

2) You guys are currently on an extensive World Tour. Where are you headed next? How different has this tour been with the recent changes (Bizzey’s departure)?

The tour has been great and the fans really have been connecting to all the new music and the label.

3) Your first album was a big success. How is the second album coming through? What is cooking in the studios? Do you have any inside news for the Barong Family in India?

The second album is almost done and you are going to be blown away by it. We are going to play a lot of new tracks at EDC India.

4) The last time you came to India, the show was a massive success with fans from all over the country flocking Mumbai to attend it. We are sure it will be the same this time round at EDC. Have you guys considered doing a full length tour in India?

Actually we have been talking about it quite a lot the last few weeks and its all about finding a proper partner to do this with.


5) The Trap Music movement has reached new heights in the past 12 months and fans consider Yellow Claw as one of the reasons behind that. What do you guys feel about that? Where do you see it in another year?

That’s flattering. A few years ago just a handful of people were making this kind of music and none of us could have ever expected this to happen. But as it is a perfect blend of all sorts of EDM and some Hip Hop too we expect it to grow even more and stay on for many years.

6) Trap Music is now seeing numerous collaborations between different artists. You have collaborated with San Holo, FS Green and most recently DJ Snake. How was the experience? How important are these collaborations for the betterment of the scene?

All these songs were born out of friendship and mutual respect. That’s the most important thing really.

7) You recently played at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas and are now ready to smash the Kinetic Fields stage at the inaugural edition in India. How does it feel to be a part of such a massive festival?

The EDC festivals have been very important for our career. back when our scene and style was small in the midst of the great Big Room edm takeover we were already given the unique opportunity to play our music on the biggest stages with the best set times. For that the EDC festivals almost feel like we are coming home in a certain way because they have believed in us from the start and it opened our sound up to such a big crowd. Being part of that is a blessed life to be honest.



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