CME Sit-Down : SEQU3l

Nakul Ambilkar, aka SEQU3l has been on top form recently and has been slaying clubs with his stellar productions across the nation and not to forget getting featured on some of the top radio shows in the world of Electronic Dance Music. Nakul is all set to perform at the inaugural edition of Electric Daisy Carnival India in 2 weeks time. We invited SEQU3L to have a Sit-Down with us.


1) Hey Nakul, great to have you at the CME headquarters. How are you doing?

SEQU3l : Hello! Glad to be here.

2) Congratulations on your recent success, your EP was on #2 at the Beatport Progressive Releases charts. This is a very big achievement in an artist’s career. How does it feel to be there at the top spot?

SEQU3l : Thanks! Honestly the idea is never to try to be high up on the charts. But it’s definitely a rewarding feeling to see artists & friends supporting my music.

3) Your tracks are now being played by the industry legends like Above & Beyond, Hernan Catteneo and Paul Van Dyk to name a few. Had you expected this kind of reaction to your tracks?

SEQU3l : Before I released my music I never expected I would get such huge support so fast. The sound I am doing is quite moody and experimental in a way that i do not follow a particular style or pattern, each track is different but with a little trademark ‘sequel’ sound. My tracks picked up really good support right from the very first release ‘We Evolve’ and I feel honoured to be regularly featured on shows like Group Therapy, Gdjb & more.

4) In today’s world where hits come and go, your tracks have managed to garner support consistently for almost over a month and they are still climbing the Beatport charts. Why do you think this happened? What made the tracks special?

SEQU3l : It’s really sad how quickly tracks come and go off lately. These 2 tracks from the ‘Timelapse Ep’ are very personal ones. I have spent lot of time with them and before I started these projects I went with a mindset that I am just going to make a track as I ‘feel it’ & without any pre plans with regards to ‘style, genre, etc’ They both are quite moody. At one instance both the tracks go into a dark melancholic vibe and quickly jump to a happy euphoric mood. I think both the tracks hit the sweet spot for diverse audience & artists right from ‘Underground to Trance’ spectrum. Some really loved the ‘Techno’ grooves & beats while others loved the melodic side of it. I love being versatile in the ‘Underground’ spectrum of dance music, and my tracks are doing just that I think.

5) Your remix for Funkagenda’s ‘Aphonia’ has also received massive support. Could you tell us what made you select that particular track? As an artist what is that one thing about a track that makes you create a bootleg/remix for it?

SEQU3l : This remix was actually done back in 2014. You can also tell that as you can hear typical older ‘sequel’ driving progressive sounds in it. This remix project was offered to me by very good friend and amazing artist Paul Thomas for release on his label ‘UltraViolet Music’ It got delayed quite a bit but officially released this year in their ‘ADE Compilation’ I am very picky with the remix projects I take up. In the first few seconds of listening to a tune I know I am doing it or not, haha! I think I really have to ‘feel’ a track to be able to do a good remix job on it.


6) What is your take on the underground music culture in India right now? Where do you think we stand? Where are we lacking or where do you see a scope for improvement?

SEQU3l : I feel Underground music culture in India is up & coming. It’s still in a transition. Each time I perform at a city I see new faces amongst the crowd. Likewise a lot of new promoters have been pushing the scene and a lot of old timers who were doing commercial music or different sound are moving towards the underground side. Not to forget we have some incredible talent in this country in the Underground scene. It’s really exciting to see a new artist perform as you are sure to hear something new & unique in their sets, and that’s the beauty of it.
The area where we are seriously lacking according to me is ‘Venues’ which host underground parties. I wish to see more venues showcase Underground Nights in all the cities.

7) Budweiser has been setting up the stage for the Global Dance Music brands to enter the Indian markets and thereby opening up a vast playing field for our homegrown artists. What is your of this initiative taken by Budweiser?

SEQU3l : This is definitely a great initiative by Budweiser (also happens to be my fav beer in India ;D ) I feel it is really important for big Dance Music brands to support the local Artists when they showcase their festival/Brand in a new country.

8) How thrilled are you to be a part of the lineup of the inaugural edition of the Electric Daisy Carnival in India?

SEQU3l : Very excited to be a part of first ever EDC in India. I have heard so much about the festival and their top notch production! Looking forward.


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