CME Sit-Down with Justin Mylo

Although Justin Mylo is one of the up-comers in the dance music scene, ever since his name started showing up on lineups for Dont let daddy know and multiple Ibiza showdowns throughout the almanac at every aeon, he has been proving that he’s the next thing to make it to the top & has been making his presence felt thereby!
Music has been Justin’s passion for a long time now and his own singles like Jumping Jack, Groovy George + more surely do speak for themselves.

We caught up with him post his performance at the Sunburn Arena in Mumbai for a small chat.

Hi Justin, We’re glad to have you with us at the Creative Minds Entertainment.
First of all a big welcome to India & before starting the interview, belated happy birthday!

You just got off the stage, 40,000 people went completely mental on the festival grounds. Absolute insanity it was! How will you describe your 2nd experience in our country with Sunburn festival?

~ What a sweet way to start an interview! Thank you very much. As you know, I had my debut india performance last year at Sunburn Goa & tonight was out of the world. People were climbing on each other, dancing all the time, so much energy, so much love! This was probably my biggest show till date, so it was really special for me.

• You ended your set on a good note with a brand new track. Can you tell us something about it?

~ Yeah, I’m now trying to explore my inner-side and do something different. It’s not similar to Bouncy Bob – the one which I did along with Martin but It’s synonymous to future bass, a bit different to what I usually commit myself to & hence I can sum it up as that I basically challenged my own self in this production & explored new boundaries and I hope that my fans will love this new change.


• Martin Garrix had once proclaimed in an interview that whoever or most of them who are showcased on the STMPD radio, he would sign them up to his label. So are we expecting are we expecting any release from your end on STMPD or maybe one more collaboration with Martin any soon?

~ Could be, could be .. Me & Martin are pretty close friends. We listen to & explore music together a number of times, sit in the studio together, play new productions for each other & have a gala time.
So for sure, in the future we’ll surely do it!

• Something which started as a hobby seven years ago in clubs, is now a full time job, a source of livelihood for you, the “Justin Mylo”. So basically you’re making each & every moment of your life count through his coherent passion of music.
But what was that one phase or incident which got you into this stream?

~ Honestly, I don’t know! Back in those days, I was just having fun, making new music,
having a good time & then all of a sudden within the spick of a time, Bouncy bob was released and to have a collaboration with Martin Garrix was a huge boost to my career.

• Every artist has some inspirations that influence their music at a very early age and throughout their career. Who or what have been your inspirations?

~ I always had a thing for music. My hands & legs always started to groove, move about as soon as I heard a ditty & then the sky was the limit for me. So basically, listening to other DJs was a backdrop which pushed me into the scene. And then Garrix was always there as a support. The guys kept on motivating me, pushed me on to produce & here I am today!


• Any dream collaboration which you look forward to?

~ Chris Martin, Ellie Goulding and a few more singers are on my list. And I’ve heard than Chris is heading down to India next week for his charity event (Global Citizen India), so I might just extend my trip 😅!

• “Fans” this word surely means a lot. Any missive which you would like to convey to yours?

~ I hope to keep making a lot of music in the coming days for you & you’re the ones who keep pushing me so thank you very much for your support & appreciation towards my productions!

We hope to see you back in India soon Justin! Have a good time ahead.

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