CME Sit-down – UNER

One of the most influential names in the Spanish Electronic music circuit, UNER, will be visiting India once again this month. We had been to his show when he last performed in India during EVC 2015 and we are really looking forward to his upcoming visit. Before he arrives in India, we had a little chat with the man himself. We present to you the first edition of CME Sit Down where we get up close with the artists and have an honest discussion about current affairs in the music industry. Here’s what he had to say :

1) Hi UNER the last time you were here your shows were an absolute riot. How was the experience for you? What can we expect this time round?

Actually I’m very happy to be coming back. My first time in India was a very positive experience both artistically and personally. It was an amazing tour full of wonderful people and lots and new inspirational moments for me. What you can expect is a lot of new music from me but above all, you must come with an open mind and be ready for anything 🙂


2) You have been extensively touring the past year, how has the journey been? Can you tell us one of your favorite memories from your recent tours?

Trust me when I say the recent years have been very intense, full of gigs worldwide. It is wonderful to keep rolling all those places, especially when you know so many people, because those relationships are the perfect meal for the soul and for music. So I’m very happy to do it and it helps me to find many different inspirations. It is difficult to choose just one moment as almost all dates are full of magical moments, but I can say that the last gigs in California have been something very special, like the last time I did in Madrid where I could play all night long.

And of course Ibiza … The magical island 🙂

3) When we last spoke you had expressed interest in exploring the LIVE space with your music. How is that working out for you? Can we expect something in the near future?

Yes. I’m working on an album, which has already taken a year and a half in the making, and hope to have it ready for next year. It is not easy to be always on tour, making my records, a solo album and working with musicians to make a band to play live… But the project is very ambitious and needs time work if we want to do it well. When things are rushed and done in a hurry – they rarely turn out well.

4) As someone who often experiments with the software and instruments you use for your music and your sets, what are the challenges that an artist faces when touring which may restrict them from performing to their full potential?

There is a very specific challenge for all DJ’s: the flights 🙂 When you fly as much as we do you will learn how it restricts you the most. So you have to become a professional in packing everything you need with the luggage restrictions, and sometimes when it doesn’t fit in – you have to find a new way to play or create something without your normal equipment! BUT I do love a challenge! Now I know I will be touring a lot, and need to be working on projects on the road, I have to be a lot ore organized and now have a good set up for when having to take everything on the plane!

5) You recently played in Ibiza. How would you describe your experience? Would you say that the club culture in Ibiza is rapidly disintegrating with the heavy saturation of artists and music alike? 

I spend a long time there every summer, back and forth as I’m playing almost every week on the island. Ibiza is magical in many ways, not just for music. But music takes a very special and essential role to help people understand what is happening there. Of course, the music industry has grown tremendously and that can be noticed on the island as well, but in the end, the quality of the music has to come first to keep it special. Now we have so many artists come to the island every year, and it has created an amazing selection of many genres of music available to everyone.

The island accepts or rejects: that’s the magic of Ibiza, if she loves you, she will do it forever! (Almost anyway….)


6) A lot of up and coming artists are struggling to grab the attention of a reputed record label. Why do you think that is? Any advice or suggestion you would like to give to them? 

Yes. We are in that time when everyone wants to grab the attention of only the best artists and major labels and I think that’s saturating the market. We have reached a moment that a reputable label may be receiving minimum around 150 demos weekly to consider. It’s crazy!!! I think the new artists should focus first on developing their sound and think about where they want to take your career instead of thinking only to edit music on tops labels, to appear in the top digital sales and then share this on Facebook to his fans – this is a great way to make a start and will help his/her career. This is a race in which you have to take care of many moving parts, and if you want to get where everybody else also wants to get to at the same time, it makes the whole process slower and difficult for everyone, this is what I see happening now.

So the first thing I would ask anyone is: “Where are you going with your music?” I don’t want to hear back that they want to be famous, top selling and be considered one of the best artists for many years. Choose something really important and essential for you, what makes you happy, how the music makes you feel and why you are passionate about it. Not because you want to get rich!

7) What role does a record label play in the career progression of an artist?

Of course a label helps a lot in the career of any artist, whether this is at the beginning of their career and its their first break onto the scene, or a well versed artist reaching out to a new label with new projects and sounds maybe 10 years into their career. You have to know how to choose where you music would fit and where do you want this to lead your career? If you produce tech – house, don’t try and change your sound and then send things to a predominantly techno label. Everyone’s “Success” is a very personal thing as to how it is measured, so release with a label which suits your style, personality and also will help you grow in the right direction from the start.

8) Who would be your pick of 3 artists to watch out for in 2017?

Fideles, Lower & Osp and Baum!

Catch UNER at a city closes to you for the perfect underground vibe! Thanks us later.


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