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Dorian Tomasiak, professionally known as Tom Swoon is performing at Sunburn Hills – Pune this year for their 10th year anniversary. This is not the first time the Polish DJ is making his way to India, he has toured India previously alongside Steve Aoki back in 2012. During his previous tour he took the Indian fans for a great musical journey and made some great fan following too.

Before he heads to Sunburn Hills the year, we caught up with him for a quick chat. Read it below:

Q) Hello Dorian, welcome to India. How does it feel to be playing at Sunburn Festival’s 10th year anniversary?

Swoon:  Honestly I’m really excited! I’ve heard so many good things about Sunburn, that it makes me insanely thrilled to be a part of it for it’s own anniversary! Also, it’s been awhile since my last visit to India and I’ve been getting a lot of messages from Indian fans asking me when I will come back – and I’m proud to say “here I am!” now 🙂

Q) You started off your career with some really great progressive tunes and your music has evolved and attained a good balance between electro and progressive. How has the journey been?

 I think it’s still too early to reflect on the “whole journey”, as I feel like it has still just started for me! Speaking of styles – with recent tracks like “Mirage” or “Phoenix”, I’ve been on a mission to expand my sound further, as earlier this year I’ve started to get an itch of staying in one place for too long – it’s hard to make such a change while being known for a certain progressive/melodic vibe, but at the same time I can assure you it’s still me putting 100% of my heart in it. Music is music, no matter what genre it is.


Q) You have some brilliant collaborations with talented artists like Parish Blohm, John Legend, Paris & Simo to name a few. How do you select an artist to collaborate with? How difficult can collaborations be given the touring schedules of both artists?

Swoon: The touring problem is pretty difficult to deal with in collaborations, that’s why most of them is simply online collabs, when we work on something separately and send the material back and forth to each other. As for “selection” process – it’s actually pretty natural! Many times I just met someone, we’ve been listening to our work in progress stuff and suddenly “hey, what if we finished it together” words came up!

Q) In 2013 you started your own radio show Lift Off Radio. How important is the role which a radio show plays in an artist’s career?

Swoon : For me, having my own radio show is a chance to present a bit more of my personal taste to my fans, as well as promote new talent with the “New Discovery” installment on every episode. Going through promos, selecting music, mixing it and producing it into a whole radio show every week is really tough when you have such a busy life, but it’s all worth it – it’s a beautiful feeling to see people saying they start a day with my show, or put it on when they work out in the gym or have a long drive in a car – and that’s what Lift Off Radio is for, to give small moments in life some cool soundtrack and enjoy them more 🙂

Q) What does 2017 hold in store for Tom Swoon? Any album plans?

Swoon: 2017 is set to be a game-changing year for me. I have just came back from the intensive studio session in Amsterdam with many talented writers and singers, and I’m really happy with the results! Apart from club tracks, you will also hear some more radio-oriented music, which I’ve been dying to make for a while and finally some of this stuff will surface 🙂 As per album – it is on my mind for years now, but I really don’t want to force it now and rather stick to single releases. I want my first album to be special, to tell a story sort of, and such dedication will take a lot of time, for which I would have to take a break from touring probably. We’ll see.

Q) You are back in India once again, what can fans expect from your set this time?

Swoon: An energetic and emotional journey, that’s for sure! Also, I’m gonna play my new track “Mirage”! It will be a special moment, because it’s made together with Indian talent, Shaan – so I’m really excited to see the reaction from his home crowd! So, I’m looking forward to have some great time with you guys at Sunburn 10!

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