CME Sit-Down – The Yellow Diary and Euphony

We decided to have a little chat with the winners of NCPA’s annual Band Baja Contest. This year 2 bands from the Alternate/Contemporary genre – The Yellow Diary and Euphony won the judges hearts are will be performing at the NCPA tomorrow. Here’s what we spoke to them about in the CME : Sit Down.


Q.1 ) Hi Guys, Thank you so much for having this chat with us. How are you? How excited are you?

The Yellow Diary: Hey! We’re good. We’re extremely honoured & excited to play at NCPA’s experimental theatre. Getting this opportunity at an early phase of the band’s journey is a privilege and we are grateful to be the winners of the Band Baja Contest. A big thank you to NCPA for this lovely opportunity.

Euphony: it’s a Dream Come true moment for us. We are so excited that we have invited all our family and friends to come and watch us because this is going to be big for us and them too.

Q.2) Firstly, tell us what the ‘Alternate/Contemporary’ genre means to you? What is the core of this genre and why is it so different?

The Yellow Diary: We believe anything that sounds fresh falls under the umbrella of alternative rock and/or contemporary. We believe the essence of rock is something that binds us all. I think our music can be given a many more labels when it comes to genres. But we believe what differentiates us is our unique approach and constant desire to experimental and coming up with something new every time.

Alternate music is arrived from underground independent musicians. So even for us contemporary/ alternative music is something which has lot of space and freedom to do what we want to express and that it is the best part of it to stand different from other music genres.


Q.3) What was the first thought that crossed your minds when you decided to participate in the NCPA’s Band Baja contest?

The Yellow Diary: The first thought was “Wow! That’s one heck of an opportunity!” There was always this positive gut feeling we all had about it. The level of professionalism that NCPA showed while conducting this contest gave us very positive vibes. However, when we won it, the feeling was truly awesome!

Euphony: It was all unplanned. We got this update through Facebook about NCPA band Baja contest and we thought of trying , it’s a big stage so if we win by any chance will get to grow and explore a lot. This was the only thought

Q.4) Tell us something about your contest winning entries. What went into them? What made your entry stand out?

The Yellow Diary: Actually, this is the first time we appeared for any contest! We initially thought that we’ll not be competing anywhere. But getting an opportunity to play at NCPA deserved an exception to that ideology. And boy, has it worked out well!

Euphony: The competition was online. So we just had to upload our music online. We did not get a chance to Performance. Now winning Bands have a Chance to perform at NCPA tomorrow. So we will be Performing Tomorrow 7pm and giving our best just like we did for the contest entry.


Bhavesh Sharma , BeatBoxer ( Euphony band )

Bhavesh Sharma , BeatBoxer ( Euphony band )


Q.5) What are the challenges that you and other contemporary artists face? Do you think the Indian Music scene fully open to contemporary music?

The Yellow Diary: In today’s day and age, with the advent of social media, we believe good talent will get good exposure sooner or later. However, breaking into the live scene is a bit challenging as it’s difficult to find the right contacts. But these hurdles are what make the journey amazing. The Indian music scene is quite open minded we believe. If it’s good music which can strike an emotional cord with the general population, being successful is only a matter of time! We believe with the right amount of dedication put in the right direction and being humble at the same time, everything will fall in place.

Euphony: The only Challenge is circuit and channels of listeners. We have to be good and versatile enough to fit in every channel of listeners. Everyone should Enjoy it. Indian Music Scene is supporting a lot not full Open still. But yes times are Changing the scene is Growing

Q.6) Tell us a funny/interesting story from your jamming sessions.

The Yellow Diary: There are so many of them. One story will not do justice to all the shenanigans that take place behind the scenes. Apart from our musical sensibilities, our sense of humour is a big factor we bond on. No matter how good or bad the joke is, the laughter is equally loud! Our jam sessions and songwriting sessions are a laugh riot. In fact, with good and terrible jokes floating around all the time, it’s quite surprising that we actually come up with some serious music.

Euphony: Lot of interesting things happen. The Recent one was Our guitarist had no clue what is NCPA and what’s going on he used to attend the jam and one day I asked him can you go for the band meet at NCPA cause I was ill. And when he was back he was so shocked with the view of the stage. Later he started forcing us let’s jam let practice more for this thing hahahaha.

Q.7) As a contemporary/alternate artist what are the key influences of your music? How do you relate to your fans?

The Yellow Diary: From The Yellow Diary’s perspective, we don’t believe in restricting ourselves to any genre, language, instruments or themes. Our influences are varied, so is our sound! With influences ranging from rock to alternative to progressive to electronica to Indian classical to jazz to just about any genre, we aim at creating songs which strike the balance between being entertaining and experimental. It’s something that seems to come to us very naturally.  We believe lack of references during the song writing process helps us being open minded as musicians and eventually reflects in the music. Some of the key reasons why people and can relate to our music and vice versa is the fact that these songs are based on personal experiences and based on socially relevant issues. Also, we believe being multi-lingual makes it even more relatable.

Euphony: Our USP. Vocal parts that arranged by us of random words with no meaning but sounding Groovy and Good , basically Sounds. So EUPHONY was the perfect Name for the Band.. Basically we are a blend of multiple genres because each one of us has come up learning and listening to different styles our major influences are Coldplay, Skrillex, Judas Priest, System of a down, Thaikkudam bridge and the list goes on.

Euphony Band

Euphony Band


Q.8) What can we expect from your upcoming performance at the NCPA? How does it feel to be able to perform at one of the most iconic venues in the country?

The Yellow Diary: We don’t want to give away any spoilers. We want people to experience it live without any preconceived notion. However, we promise that the performance is going to cover all flavours of our sound. Like we said, the entire contest and the engagement with NCPA couldn’t have worked out better. We’re deeply honoured and humbled with such an awesome opportunity. We also believe this is the first performance amongst many more in the future.

Euphony: As a Vocal Band with Harmonies and Beatboxing you can expect something New and Fresh and yes we are very excited to perform. Feeling blessed , nervous, on top of the world all mixed  feelings regarding Tomorrow’s Performance.

Both bands will be doing a special performance at the NCPA tomorrow. Make sure you catch them there and listen to their fresh and inspiring music. The entry is free so make sure reach early to grab the best seats.


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