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A fast rising star on the Diynamic Records label, SevenDoors is a mystery. Nobody knows his real identity, but he is letting his music do the talking. His track Movement Of Whale took everyone by surprise and is still played often by top names. SevenDoors comes to India for the first time and will be playing on Day 2 of sLick!’s annual property A Day Of sLick 2X at Waters, in Vagator Goa on 27th of December. We spoke to SevenDoors about his music, fame and inspirations among other things. Read the full interview below.


Welcome to India, how does it feel to be on this side of the world? What are you looking forward to?

I love Asia in general and this is my first time in India. I am not here that long, but hopefully I can savour as much as I can before I have to fly to my next show. Maybe even squeeze some time in on the beach.

Who is SevenDoors? Tell us more about yourself, there is so little that the world knows about you. Your music has done most of the talking up to this point.

I come from the depths of the ocean abyss, born to a headless woman on a cold rainy night. My music consists of feeling and emotion. I try to create something that people can connect to, that they can make moments and memories with. Sound of the Whales I call it.

How does it feel to receive such wide critical acclaim from the likes of Solomun and Pete Tong? That too at such a young age?

I feel very honoured to have received so much recognition from such heavy weights in the industry as these guys. Both legends in their own right now, I have a lot of admiration for what they both have achieved.


Your track ‘Movement Of Whale’ is hailed as one of the best tracks of 2015. What inspired such a brilliant track?

I was going through a rather difficult time emotionally at that time after losing someone close, and I used music as a way to channel that grief. This track was the result. It is really strange how it came about. I did not think too much about it or what it should sound like. It just happened. The best music is made when it is not forced and you make what you feel.

As a producer, how does it feel when you hear an industry legend play your tracks in a club or a festival?

It’s a privilege to have any one play or dance to your tracks, whether it is a legend or some kid in their bedroom. It is all the same to me. I just appreciate the fact people enjoy my music, whether it is in a club, or on someone’s ipod. The fact people have taken time out to download or check out your music is a great feeling.

As an up and coming artist who has managed to make an impact on the scene, where do you think a lot of today’s youth go wrong? Do you have any advice for the young artists of today?

I do not think it’s a case of going wrong, it can be really hard to get your music heard by the right people, especially when you are just starting out. But also there can be many pitfalls in the industry and it is important you make the right choices. Such as knowing the right people to work with. It can be so easy to end up working with the wrong people.

Quick Fire :

Your best buddy in the music world? My good friend and upcoming produce Jauda, we have been working on some experimental beats together recently and he is one to watch.
The most played track on your iPod/Phone right now? Anything by Johnny Cash. I like sad music.
If not a musician what would SevenDoors have been? When not doing music, I enjoy photography and art.


SevenDoors will be playing at A Day Of sLick 2X on 27th December 2016. Book your tickets now!

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