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Pegboard Nerds is a Danish/Norwegian electronic music group, consisting of Norwegian DJ Alexander Odden and Dane DJ Michael Parsberg. Apart from their trailblazing EP’s, they have remixed artists like Skrillex, Mat Zo, Nicky Romero, Adventure Club to name a few. They have also collaborated with some top notch acts like Excision, Krewella and Jauz. The duo are on their way to India for the first time and will be playing on the Monstercat stage on Day 4 of Sunburn Hills, Pune. We invited the duo for a Sit-Down with us before Sunburn Festival kicks off. Read the full interview below :


Hello Alexander & Michael, welcome to India. What can the crowd at Sunburn expect from your first ever set here?

Thank you! A high energy set with lots of new music!

You guys first met in 2005, and have been separately preparing music since the 90’s. But what delayed the formation of Pegboard Nerds by 6 years?

We came to a point where we had a lot of new music and not really anywhere to put it (usually we would take a track from our library and turn it into a remix or a production for someone else). We decided it was time to form a real duo and put all this new music out under a new name, first and foremost to disassociate it from our previous ventures, and also because the style was somewhat different to what we’d been doing!

What was thought process while making a track like Emoji and what was it like to shoot such a creative video?

The ‘birth’ of Emoji simply happened while sitting on the couch in the living room while playing around with some gated pad sounds. The pulsating chords in the intro was the very first thing written. The chords felt nice, and the vocal idea came shortly after, it’s just one of those things where your brain puts things into the music that isn’t really there, and you harness that and you actually put that in there. It’s an interesting phenomenon.. The drop was a bit more of a process and for a while the track was sitting around for way too long and we nearly ‘lost it’ and gave up on it. Somehow we couldn’t do that though, so we kept at it and finally managed to finish it, or at least something close to that….Working with Patrick Jean on the video was an amazing experience, he’s a very creative and talented individual. We were so happy he was interested in our project and wanted to do the video, and the outcome exceeded our expectations! We did a lot of shots that didn’t end up in the video, but that’s all part of the process, sometimes you have to go down the dead ends to find out where you actually need to go.

Monstercat has been a massive stage for budding artist to showcase their skills. How important is it in your life? Can you describe the journey in few words?

Starting out not even knowing Monstercat existed back in 2012 but still taking a chance and releasing our first Pegboard Nerds track with them, then fast forward to 2016 and how we’ve all grown and evolved, the journey has been nothing short of incredible. From their powerful team to their massive community, we’ve really enjoyed it.

Have you ever argued about the progression of a certain track and how have you managed to resolve the argument?

We may temporarily disagree on the direction of a given track, but usually it’s resolved by the end of the day by mutually agreeing on the direction to go in, just from listening to the various options a couple of times and digesting it for a bit.

Who has been the biggest inspiration for you in the field of electronic dance music?

Over the course of the past 20 years; many. From Prodigy, Orbital, Chemical Brothers, Norman Cook/Fatboy Slim, Kraftwerk, through Above and Beyond, Rank 1, Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren, to Pendulum, Knife Party, Twenty One Pilots and Skrillex, there are so many talented people out there.

In the spare time do Alexander & Michael sit down and play some video games? If yes which ones?

Alex: I don’t really play that much, but I’m into the Nintendo stuff, both retro and new. The Adventures of Link/Zelda games for instance. Mega Man. Mario. I also recently played through Portal 1 and 2; very late to the game (pun intended) but it was so good.
Michael: I don’t really have the time for video games, but from time to time I like to play playstation or old C64 games. just downloaded the new Mario for iOS, might get hooked to that.


The 8-bit video game sound is very pleasing & funky to the ear, will we ever see you playing with it further ?

Possibly! It will always be very close to our hearts so there’s a good chance!

Any message for the fans waiting to see you at Sunburn?

Can’t wait to see you all at Sunburn 10, we’re super excited about our first show in India and we are very happy to be a part of Sunburn’s 10th year celebrations and we got a lot of new music for you!

Catch Pegboard Nerds on Day 4 at Sunburn Hills, Pune. Grab your tickets here.

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