CME Sit-Down : Nucleya

Nucleya – the name on the minds of every Indian Dance Music fan right now.  The Bass Raja is coming to Sunburn Hills – Pune this December. After a landmark Raja Baja album launch at NSCI Mumbai, Nucleya has set a benchmark for all the Indian artists. With his unique sound he has gained tremendous amount of fan following across the country.

So before the Koocha Monster takes Sunburn with a storm we were happy to invite him for a quick chat. Read the interview below :-


Q) Hi Udyan, it’s great to have you at Creative Minds Entertainment. How are you?

 I’m very good. Thank you.

Q) So from mainstage at EDC India to playing at EDC Mexico, how does it feel? And how important is this for all the Indian artists who dream of making it big?

It feels great and I’m really looking forward to it. Hopefully there will be more artists to follow.

Q) You have come a long way now from the tremendous fan support & surely your family too, how do feel about everything going on with your career? Did you ever think that Nucleya would be the name where at least one member in a family is fan of?

 I always wanted my music to be appreciated by others, but I never imagined things would get to this level. It wasn’t always like this and so I’m very great full for everything that is happening.

Q) Going a bit in a past now, we remember you talking to one of our team mate and telling him there was a time that you used to open for Arjun Vagale, Vagale is surely someone who is respected in the Indian music industry, how has the total journey been? From opening for a techno act and then developing your own sound and headlining major festivals in India now.

 It’s been an extremely humble experience. I never imagined things to reach such a level and I’m very thankful to every single person that has been part of it.


Q) RAJA BAJA album launch was surely one of the highlights of your career; could you talk about how you go with the productions? What are your ideas when you sit down for production? As in will people accept this sound or no, or you just produce it if you love it?

Nucleya : I like to make music the way I like it. That’s the only way to stay true to yourself and your music.

Q) Let us come DJ MAG now, you did make it to 102 position on the DJ Mag list, it surely is an achievement as we believe Nucleya is only about fan votes. Such a massive support from the fans, how does it feel?

Nucleya : My fans appreciate and support my music and I’m very thankful to them for that. None of this would be possible without their support. Which is why I make it a point to give back whenever possible.

Q) Raja Baja has just released and surely the fans have loved it, which one is Nucleya’s personal favourite album from all of the ones u released?

Nucleya : Koocha Monster is my all-time favourite.


Q) With your name being a part of EDC Mexico line-up, what is Nucleya’s plan for making his brand of music reach international audience? Any special productions you are planning to work on keeping them in mind?

Nucleya : I have couple of Ideas in mind and you guys will surely find out very soon.

Q) Any message to all the fans out there for you? More new music or anything you would like to convey it to them?

Nucleya : More music is definitely on its way and we’ll be announcing another tour in the new year. Apart from that, I just released a new track in which I have collaborated with the extremely talented Papon. The track is called ‘Memories’ and it’s part of the new season of The Dewarist. Do check it out and I hope you like it!

Sunburn for the first time is happening in Pune and I’m really excited about that too. Pune is home turf and it’s always great performing there. And I look forward to see you all at Sunburn 10

Thanks Udyan it was lovely speaking to you. Have a great night today and wish you all the success from Team CME. Cheers!!

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