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Nils Hoffmann is a producer/dj from Berlin. His sound is influenced by the music of the 60’s, Indie Rock and Artists like Trentemöller, Bon Iver and Yann Tiersen. Nils always tries to combine the warm sound of organic instruments with more clinical synthesizer sounds. He broke into the scene with his track Balloons which sky rocketed into Beatport success. The last time he was here, he was just 17 and absolutely owned the dance floor. This year he returns to India and it’s going to be at Goa’s Boutique Dance Music festival, Krank which will take place at Chronicle in Vagator between the 27th and 30th December. We caught up with Nils before he packs his bags for his India trip and discussed a lot about his music, touring and his last time here. Read the full interview below :

Hello Nils, we are very excited to listen to your set at Krank Goa next week. How does it feel to be in India after 2 years?

I am very excited about it, the last time was really good and I always wanted come back.

The last time you were in India, you were only 18 years of age and it was your first time ever out of Europe. Since then you’ve travelled across the world. How different would you say are you as an artist since your last time here?

I would say I became a bit more careful about what I am doing musically, I still tried many things out in that time but now I have the feeling I have found myself as an artist and as a producer. I don’t care so much about what is the new trend anymore, I just keep on doing my own thing and I have the feeling a lot of people respect that.

Your music is influenced by a lot of classic elements and artists. What is it about these artists that interests or inspires your music?

My music is a lot about harmonies and melodies. This is what fascinates me in music and this is what interests and inspires me in classic music.

You have always maintained a clear balance between the more natural and organic sound of instruments with the grooves of a synthesizer. Do you think this balance gives your music that edge which makes it more appealing to fans?

I don’t know. Maybe. As I began to listen to electronic music this was something that I liked very much, and I still do. That’s the reason why I am still doing it like this.


You have experimented with a lot of instruments like the piano, drums, cello, etc. Which one is your favourite to integrate into your music and why?

This changes from time to time but right now it’s the cello. I like to use it at the end of my tracks to give the whole thing an emotional peak at the end.

What are your plans for 2017? Do you plan to release new music? Maybe an EP or a full length album?

Definitely! There is a lot of music already finished. Let’s see if there will be an album in 2017, I have this already in my mind for some time. 🙂

Where does Nils find inspiration to make music?

In my studio. I am in my studio everyday for about 6 hours and from time to time I find a melody or harmony that is very good in my opinion.

How well have you been able to cope up with your studies and personal life given the time you spend traveling or in the studio?

It’s working, but it is also a bit stressful. I really need to use my time. My personal life maybe comes a bit too short sometimes but I really try to take time for my friends once or twice a week.

Fast Five

Top 3 Movies : Snatch, Departed, Goodfellas

Last played track on your mobile/iPod : Bob Moses – Tearing Me Up (RAC Mix)

Your favourite destination to play at : Paris

DJ Set or Live Set : Both

One artist you want to collaborate with : Boys Noize


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