CME Sit-Down: Kerano

Kerano, one of the first Indian artist to reach #1 on Beatport Top 100 PH Chart with his track ‘Breathing’ in collaboration with Magnificence on Spinnin Records.

Also his debut track ‘Here I stand’, With Tom Swoon also hit #4 on the Beatport PH Chart.

Born and raised in Delhi, Kerano has swiftly climbed up the ladder in the electronic music scene in the last few years, all thanks to amazing sets filled with his sweetly crafted bootlegs.

As he was about to play a B2B with Zaeden in the Capital for Budweiser’s hottest new international dance music property ‘What’s Brewing’ – part of Budweiser’s recently launched campaign ‘Always Brewing’;  we were really lucky to get him to sit down with us for a little chat.


     Hi Karanvir, it’s a pleasure to have you with us. How are you doing? What’s brewing?

Pleasure speaking to you guys! A lot is brewing, hopefully I’ll give you a bit of a teaser through the course of this interview 🙂


You recently received a lot of praise for your collaboration with Tom Swoon. How does it feel?

It feels great! It’s been over a year to ‘Here I Stand’ so when producers and fans speak about the track even today, it feels special


We have read in the past how difficult it was for you, just like countless other upcoming artists to establish yourself in the industry. But you never gave up and look where you are! That’s quite an inspiring story. Would you like to tell us a little more about the challenges and hurdles you faced on the road to success?

I think any path to success in any field is laden with mines that will constantly explode as you move forward! There are still difficulties today and there always will be. Just working hard to overcome them and reach exactly where I want to !



You have been lighting up the crowds at some of the top most clubs across India as well as Electronic Dance Music festivals. What’s the next goal in Kerano’s book?

International! I definitely want to venture out of India and play throughout the globe! I’m working hard with my team to achieve this


You have been touring all across India off late. Which is your favourite city to play in and why?

I think it’s a tough call to take because every city offers something amazing! If I had to choose one though, it would be Bangalore! The energy is epic


What does Kerano have in store for his fans? Any new productions?

A lot of new productions and projects and a lot of different stuff! Stay tuned!



With someone who has collaborated with an international artist, could you tell us how easy or difficult it is? How was the experience?

All three times have been great! Working with ego-less people is always wonderful and therefore the end result has to be good! I loved all three collaborations!


You’ve been working with WMS for a while now. How is the team? In what way have they helped your career path? How important is it for an artist to have a strong management team?

WMS is my second family! I think we are always joking around with each other and are friends first! I take a while to open up to people so I’m glad they broke the ice super early with me! Its great fun!


At lastly, are you excited to be playing at the 1st edition of What’s Brewing in Delhi by Budweiser?

I am really looking forward to it! B2Bs are always fun and I’m sure it’ll be a good night!

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