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Martin Vogt is known for his project Haywyre which is a project that synthesizes two musical genres, that of contemporary electronic, along with the more established traditions of classical and jazz. The brilliant use of Piano improvisations blended with electronic synths has proved to be the perfect formula for Haywyre. Martin continues to captivate his fans with his music which oozes creativity and freshness. We caught up with one of the most talented artists on the Monstercat label for a quick chat. Read the full interview below.


Hello Martin, as this is your first trip to India how do you feel about it and what can the crowd at Sunburn Festival expect from your set?

I’m incredibly excited to be in India at Sunburn festival on their 10 th year celebration! I’m a little less excited for the travel time that’s involved though. In terms of my set at Sunburn 10 , i’ll be jamming live to some of my originals and favorite tracks from other producers.

What has been the inspiration to mix electronic & jazz music and yet stay relevant with current changes in the dance music scene?

Naturally my background in studying jazz lead me to incorporate those elements into my craft. My involvement in electronic music production grew as I tried to find ways to compose and perform on my own. The rest unfolded very naturally, and I happened to enter a music scene that welcomed the direction I was taking creatively.

Your expertise on the piano is visible in almost all of your tracks, but what made you move from the classical music to electronic dance music?

I like to explore what excites me. Not only did electronic music feel like uncharted territory when I began producing, but it also was a logical direction to take for a one-man-band.


Monstercat has been a massive stage for budding artist to showcase their skills. How important it is in your life? Can you describe the journey in few words?

Monstercat has been a platform that not only helped me reach new listeners, but kickstart my career!

In 2016 you toured with Griz. How was that experience for you?

By far the best tour I have been a part of to date! Everything from the music to the awesome crew, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You have always been experimenting; will you ever work with an Indian instrument in any of your songs?

Absolutely! I love exploring new approaches to expressing my musicality.

What does Martin do on a warm cozy Sunday afternoon to pass the time?

Drink some coffee, write some emails, hang out with friends and most importantly, jamming out!

What can we expect from you in 2017?

I plan to release music – and a lot of it. I believe the direction of my project will be fine tuned beyond just the type of content I have been releasing.

To catch him live at Sunburn, book your tickets here :-

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