CME Sit-Down : GRUM

Graeme Shepherd aka GRUM The Progressive sensation from Scotland recently completed a 4 city India tour. After a smashing performance at Above & Beyond’s ABGT200 his tour was a pretty long awaited one for his Indian fans. During his last show in India at BPM, Hyderabad. Our team member Ronnie Willis had the chance to Interview him before his performance.


Ronnie :-  Welcome to CME Graeme, Such a pleasure having you here. Specially in India there is a huge fan following for your sound, given the current situation where we don’t get to hear the classic progressive. Your set at ABGT200 is pretty much deemed as the best set ever as well as in that particular milestone of ABGT. What went behind planning the entire set if you ever planned and how was the entire experience playing for such milestone episode and the kind of reactions you got from the people ?

GRUM :- ABGT was a great ecperience because it’s such a big show and its just kinda short set an hour or so, I tend to plan shows like that & try to make sure it’s really tight. I don’t know how long i spent on that one, aah may be a few hours just trying different ideas & I was messing around with different tracks up until before I played, because you never know. You should just do what do feel, so I did what I feel. But yea it was really amazing, I really enjoyed that show. The first ABGT I did in Sydney that was the biggest show I have ever done and was pretty nervous for that one, but this one I felt a lot more comfortable and you just look at all the people they are having such a wonderful time. It’s really nice to be a part of that night.

Ronnie :-  So you have multiple EP’s released and you have an album released already which really got people to know more about your sound. What goes into making an album, you put lot of your thought behind creating a story, it’s definitely not putting a few singles together and making it an album. How long do you take to put it together and are we going to hear a new album probably next year in 2017 ?

GRUM :- Well, the first album I did was in 2010, you know it? HAHA. Of course its a bit different sound. To me its never really been like trying to make singles or hits or something like that, its just try to make stuff that is good and when I was making that album the idea was to create a sound and create a small world for people to get lost into. Yea I would like to do another album, hopefully will do one with Anjunabeats or something, we kinda had a talk about it and would be great to do one maybe next year.


Ronnie :- So talking about Anjunabeats, we had you come together with Ilan Bluestone for Anjunabeats worldwide, how was the whole experience and are we gonna see more of such work together. 2 Different minds come together and make one single story, that amazing. How to do you that ?

GRUM :- Actually, it wasn’t really planned this collaboration. We both were on Anjunabeats tour in US and we had some time off in Boston. So we were in the hotel for like 3-4 days and it was really cold and we were like what should we do, lets just make a track. So Ilan brought these little speakers and we made a small studio in his hotel room. Surprised we didn’t get kicked out from the hotel because he likes to work really loud. We came up with all the parts really quickly with the melodies, I dont know if you can hear both of us in there, I mean we been on his computer so its clearly his production & I came up with a lot of musical parts. We got the Idea down in like 2-3 hours and he just went away and did a bit polishing listening to it back and forth. I am not sure if we will do something like that again, his sound is a bit more bangin than me you know. Its a lot heavier than me, but maybe if we get stuck again in a hotel or somewhere we would do a sequel. Haha

Ronnie :- Are we gonna hear something with You and Eric Prydz coming together ?

GRUM :- I am not sure really, I don’t really know Eric to be honest. I am not really a part his crew, haha. But it would be nice though, you never know.

Ronnie :- What is your go to alternative music that you would always go back to pick inspiration for your sound ?

GRUM :- My taste in music has always changed,it’s not always dance music.  I usually find my inspiration from some other stuff. I just like a lot of different things.

Ronnie :- Coming to final part, I am gonna name out few names and you would pick one adjective for it.

GRUM :- Alright, ready.

Ronnie :- Above & Beyond.
Grum :- Hahaha, there are a lot of words which I can use for them, haha I dont know.
Ronnie :- Let’s make it easy for you. Steve Aoki ?
GRUM :- NO, haha.
Ronnie :- Carl Cox
Grum :- Fuck, Its hard to pick one word for these guys. Hmm I love Carl cox, he is a Genius. Here you go.
Ronnie :- One day you wake up and you see flash news that Trance addict is back. And Trance addict, DJMag, Mix Mag, Resident Advisor they are all out with 2017-18 poll and Paris Hilton has been named the No.1 DJ. What do you gonna do next ?

Ronnie :- Thank you so much Graeme, it was pleasure having you here. Looking forward for your set. We have been waiting for a very long time.
GRUM :- Thanks a lot man. It’s great being here.

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