CME Sit-down : Dyro

Wolv Records bossman and one of the fastest rising stars of the Electronic Dance Music world Dyro makes his way to BPM Hyderabad this weekend. We had a chance to catch up with DYRO to discuss his upcoming music, his opinion on the music, his record label WOLV Records and much more. We bring you the next edition of CME Sit-down with DYRO!

Question: Welcome to India again Jordy, How have you been? The last time you were here, fans in Mumbai went absolutely crazy at your show. How was your experience?

Answer: It was great fun! I only did a few dates on my last trip so I’m glad to be able to visit the fans again in some different places and clubs. India is beautiful so it’s nice to have some time off to look around and explore this time, you know?

Question: From Revealed Recordings to running your own record label. How has the journey been?

Answer: Long but fun! I’ve learnt a lot about myself and where I want to take my sound, the same with my label WOLV. I get complete control from all angles and get to make the decisions, which was ultimately what I really wanted.


Question: You have been releasing some splendid tracks on your label WOLV. Congratulations on that. How do you select the artists you want on your label? Is there anything in particular you look out for in their music?

Answer: Thanks! I look for individuality and artists that want to take risks. Sometimes the tracks aren’t quite at their peak, so I sometimes work together on edits or give the artists some advice which I think is important. Almost like a mentor but without stopping their creativity.

Question: Now that you are running your own label, honestly, how much role does a record label have in how successful an artist is?

Answer: It can work both ways. People can look to a label they like for the next hottest artist and trust what that label is saying. But if an artist isn’t good, why would an audience like it just because someone tells them to? Audiences aren’t stupid, it just works in different ways.


Question:When you are not busy producing or touring the world, what does Dyro like to do in his spare time?

Answer: That isn’t often! If I’m not in my studio it’s relaxing with good company, good food and good drinks – what more could a guy want?

Question: What are the 3 things that you always carry along when you are touring?

Answer: My laptop, hats to hide my bed head, quality headphones

Question: Nowadays, many artists are extensively touring the world, how does one find the time to produce new music when they spend most of their time jet lagged?

Answer: It’s not often I start projects on the road but I will make some small changes, or work on edits.


Question: You have seen videos of the venue and will playing for the first time in Hyderabad. What do you feel about the venue and the crowd?

Answer: I cannot wait! I was annoyed to not be able to play back in May because India is one of my favorite places to visit – the venue looks crazy and I know the fans will go insane!

Question: What can we expect from you this time round?

Answer: High-energy and some fresh edits from myself and some producers I’m really into at the moment – excited for the show!


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