CME Sit-Down : David Gravell

The Dutch Star David Gravell is coming back to India this December to perform live at Sunburn Hills – Pune. After a successful tour last time with Shaan & Friends the Armada boy is coming back. Having performed at ASOT 750 alongside all the trance legends, he is surely someone to watch out for at this year’s Sunburn Festival.

Before his performance at Sunburn where he promised some new music to be premiered, we caught up with David for a quick chat. Read the interview below :-

Q1. Hi David, It’s good to have you at CME. How are you doing?

Hey Nikhil Sharma! Thanks! I’m doing really fine, working in the studio as we speak finishing new music!

Q2. You have traveled to India before, how was the experience?

Yess! It was amazing, never experienced so many kind people and loads of amazing food! Love the country as well 🙂

Q.3 You are back in India and playing at one of Asia’s biggest festival, how do you feel about it ? And what are you expecting from the crowd this time?

Ahhh man! You don’t wanna know how happy I am to be playing at Sunburn Festival this year. For me it’s a dream come true! I have a big fanbase already in India so again I am thrilled coming back! Will premier a lot of new music that will be released on my first mix compilation in 2017, so expect some new unique David Gravell tunes 😉

Q4. Having worked with one of the finest label in Music Industry “Armada Music” how has the journey been so far, could you tell your fans the experience of it?

Everyone starts with there first record that will grab everyone’s attention and for me that was the track Bulldozer back in 2013. It was played by Armin in his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. From that moment on everything changed for me!

Q5. You have played at ASOT 750, which is a surely a milestone. Can you share the experience of sharing the stage with all the Trance legends?

I think it was one of those shows I will remember for the rest of my life! Its a big milestone and achievement for me. ASOT Australia was a show for in the books, playing in front of 40.000 people really is an awesome experience. Really happy with the support of Armin van Buuren and his label ASOT!


Q6. David Gravell is more of a producer as well, could you let us know what how do you plan your tracks while you sit for production, and any message you would like to give to fellow upcoming producers of what to look for while producing a track ?

Thanks haha, It sounds very easy but for any upcoming producers out there here’s 1 tip!
When creating a new track for example try telling a story instead of structure. Helps me a lot getting a natural feeling with the track 🙂 Hope that will help you finish that monster track! Goodluck!

Q7. Any upcoming releases which we can listen to at Sunburn Festival?

Yess! There is a lot of new music coming up! In fact every month I have something new coming out! First we have Neverland on ASOT, then I have a new remix for one of Armin van Buuren his classics which I am really proud of! And of course my latest releases Make Some Noise & The Road which is killing dance floors for me at the moment! Besides that, in the first 3 months of 2017 I am going to release my first mix compilation on Armada Music, that will be a big step forward in my career! 🙂

Q8. Any message for your fans in India?

India, I am really happy coming back for you really soon! You guys have been supporting and sending me so much love on social media that I am flattered and honored coming back! See you guys soon at Sunburn 10 ! Much Love, David

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