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Cubicolor is one of the fastest rising duos from Amsterdam. With a handful of singles and a chart topping debut album on Anjunadeep, Cubicolor headlined the Anjunadeep Goa showcase last week. Receiving support from the likes of Pete Tong (who named them as, ‘One To Watch for 2015′), Sasha, B.Traits, Lee Burridge, Patrice Baumel, Jonas Rathsman, Axel Boman, and Danny Tenaglia, Cubicolor has quickly been garnering acclaim with one breakthrough release after another. We invited Ariaan from Cubicolor to have a chat with us before he took over the console at the Wonderwall Festival and also played a surprise set at Satellite Beachside later that night.


Hello Ariaan, welcome back to India. You have toured India as 16 BL previously but this is the first time you are bringing the Cubicolor project here. How does it feel? 

Thank you so much. India is just beautiful. And Goa looks amazing too. We look forward to playing here again.

Firstly, congratulations on the huge success of Brainsugar. Having your debut album do this well is not an easy feat to achieve. Did you expect this kind of a response from your fans and other artists?

We had not expected such a huge response. The response from fans and artists has been phenomenal. We are already working on our second album but Brainsugar has set the standards pretty high. So let’s see what happens in 2017 when the next album comes out.

Why the title ‘Brainsugar’? What does it signify? What is the story that Cubicolor want to tell through this album?

That’s a great question actually. Let me tell you the story. One of my friend has Schizophrenia and was under this alternative therapy where they used a sugar derivative for simulating brain activity. We kind of called it Brainsugar and it kind of stuck with us.


You guys have been producing some mind bending vocal tracks. Do you guys prefer doing vocal tracks? How easy or difficult is to put together a vocal track like Mirror Play or even Falling?

We actually made Mirror Play almost 2 years back as an instrumental, we all loved the track but not that much. But when we did Falling with Tim, we gave it another shot and asked him to do vocals for Mirror Play and we loved the outcome. Mirror Play is a track I (Ariaan) wrote when my father passed away and it’s always been special to me. Tim is now with Cubicolor and we really love the way our vocal tracks are coming out now.

We have heard a lot of artists like Yotto, Patrice Baumel, Jody play Dead End Thrills in their recent sets. Sometimes the original or sometimes a rework. Which has been your favourite remix of a track from Brainsugar? What makes it your favourite?

I would say my favourite remix of a Cubicolor track has to be Patrice Baumel’s remix of Dead End Thrills. What makes it special is that it has it’s own identity while retaining the originality of the track.


Brainsugar came out earlier this year on Anjunadeep and now you’re playing at the Anjunadeep Goa showcase. How has your relationship been with the label? Could you tell us about Anjunadeep’s creative process?

It’s been a great relationship. We have been working together for such a long time and it is constantly evolving. With Brainsugar, we asked them to trust us and let us create the album. What happened in the end was that we created the album and they liked it but we were not really happy with it. So we scrapped the entire album and produced a completely new album in just 3 weeks and both of us loved it a lot. So except Falling and Mirror Play all other tracks were created in just 3 weeks. Anjunadeep trusted us with the creation process and the result is in front of everyone.

Cubicolor also has a couple of lovely warm remixes. How do you pick a track to give that remix treatment?

Sometimes it’s really difficult when you get a track and are asked to do a remix. Sometimes you feel like remixing a track and ask for an opportunity to remix and get a track. So it’s not planned always, it’s more of a gut feeling.


Coming from Amsterdam, a city that’s rich in its musical prowess, how has the city helped in enriching your music and your career?

I don’t play a lot in Amsterdam. The sound of Amsterdam is very Tech-House, very Techno oriented and I am more of a very deep house oriented artist. I don’t like forcing myself onto people to play at a gig, If someone asks me to play I would play.

Fast Five –

    One artist you want to do a remix for? Massive Attack

Last played track on your iPods? I don’t carry music on the go.

Movies or Theatre? Movies, Inception is my favorite movie.

3 things you never forget to pack on a tour? My laptop, My USBs, My Headphones and of course my passport.

3 favourite things from Amsterdam? Stroopwaffles, Chocomel and Indian Food from Amsterdam.

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