CME Review : Budweiser – What’s Brewing in Delhi

As part of its ongoing campaign ‘Always Brewing’, Budweiser hosted  its international dance music property ‘What’s Brewing’ for the 1st time in India on 30th September at Hauz Khas Social, New Delhi. Here’s our take on what went down at the gig!


The event  showcased an eclectic line-up of eleven artists performing on three different stages. Some of  India’s hottest electronic music acts- Anushka + AGENT, BLOT, Frame/Frame, Paraphoniks, Progressive Brothers,SICKFLIP, Zaeden  KERANO took over the 3 stages on 30th September, Friday at Social which was one hell of an experience. 

The stages were named:

1. The Club at  Social Featuring- Progressive Brothers, Zaeden, Kerano

2.Underground at Anti-Social Featuring- Paraphoniks, Frame/Frame, BLOT!

3. The Ghetto at Social Chhat – Featuring- Anushka+AGENT, Sickflip

‘The finest brewing of Electronic Music Culture by Budweiser’ This is the best possible way to describe the rage that took over Hauz Khas Social on Friday night. The club had its usual charm working as hordes of people rushed in to experience another sick night of dance music madness. The venue was enveloped by a layer of immense excitement. By far, one of the best set-ups Delhi has seen in the recent years, big ups to Budweiser and WMS crew.


One of the highlights for the night were the opening acts. Budweiser had hosted a contest in the weeks leading upto the event giving upcoming homegrown talent a one-of-a-kind opportunity to showcase their skills and music. The winners of the contest got the chance to kickoff this epic night before the main acts took stage. Zaeden never failed to move us, as he dished out some of his best old and new tunes which everyone in the crowd could connect with.  People at the Ghetto could not stop grooving to the tunes of Anushka + AGENT followed by Sickflip.



After shelling out a beast of a set, the night finally came to an end at about 1:30 am not before BLOT dazzled the crowd at Underground Stage from start to finish.


‘What’s Brewing’ yet again proved that music unites us all, as fans across different genres of electronic music came together under one roof and surrendered to the music. With Budweiser’s constant efforts in shaping the Electronic Music Culture in India, we can only hope for such grand events to take place in the near future.


All in all, a perfect set, a perfect vibe, a perfect experience, a perfect line up and a perfect night!


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