Interview with PIG & DAN

Date: Jun 29 to Jul 02

Length: 10:00 am - 01:00 am

For more than a Decade Pig&Dan have been jamming in the studio, producing musical adventures that hold their signature sound. Apart from their prolific work as producers they’ve been traveling the globe as Peak time DJ’s and playing at some of the best events on the planet.

Catch Dan peforming at Privee’ , New Delhi on 1st  July Friday, 2016. Gates open at 10pm onwards!


We had a chance to interview DAN DUNCAN , read on to know more:


Question:  What made you choose music as your career?

It’s not something you decide really it’s something that is within. Nothing made it happen accept following our passions. For example I (Dan) asked my parents if I could study piano at the age of four years old and from then on it was clear to both me and my family where I was going in my life.

Question: How do you describe your sound to a common man?

Dynamic, Euphoric, Non linear, pumping and with a lot of melodic twists. It’s all about taking people on a journey although with a tough edge : )

We seem to have a strong following of girls which is not usual in the Techno world so we feel it’s important to play music that appeals to all…

Question: Producers you admire?

Julian Jeweil, Etai Tarazi, Arjun Vagale, Mark Reeve

Question: Who are the top 3 artists you’d like to work with?

Oh goodness, we’ve pretty much nailed that I’m proud to admit. We are currently working on music with with Adam Beyer, Underwold, Solomun, Anna, HOSH, Mark reeve… Many of our heroes.

Apart from them Id say my godfather Marvin Gaye would be on that list. Always dreamed of working with him as he’s been a very dear part of my families life. Sad to lose him !!!

And for sure Jim Morrison

Question: Your Top 3 tunes right now?

Impossible to say as everyday has a different top three times really. We play at the moment and flow with the people’s direction.

Question: Playing at which festival has been the most amazing experience ever?

Ultra Buenos Aires in Argentina was just mind blowing

Question: What tips do you have for aspiring musicians who want to follow your footsteps?

They need to follow they’re own footsteps that’s for sure the best advise. You’ll never shine if your just a follower. You need to stand out because of what you love and the rest will hopefully follow. You need to fight hard as hell because there’s no elevator to success only the stairs !!!

Question: What has been the most memorable moment in your career so far?

I would say the first time playing the main room at Amnesia in Ibiza. A place we both had raved so many years and looked up at that DJ booth dreaming of playing there one day. Dreams come true !!!

Question : what does success mean to you?

Nothing really, there’s always more people who don’t like what you do compared to those who do. Saying that to feel people appreciate what we create is amazing and a total honour however success is not a reality because tomorrow you could be gone so take it as it comes and love a humble existence

: )

Question: Tell us about your upcoming releases? Any album plans?

We are releasing a brand new Collaboration with Monika Kruse next month and then there’s a new Drumcode EP set for release.

Question: What do you think about the Electronic Music scene in India?

I think it’s growing organically and there’s such an attachment to music in India. There’s a passion that stems back throughout time and rhythm is a part of life over there coming from Tabla and all those incredible complex roots.

I adore playing in India !!!

Question: Do you have any special message for your Indian Fans?

Absolutely, let’s get together and enjoy some special moments as one. I can’t wait to try to take you somewhere new all within a room full of sonic pleasures. Let’s dance and let go of everything for that moment plus act with a childish twist.

Can’t wait to see you all real soon !!!!


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