Interview with DIGITARIA

Date: Jun 10 to Jun 11

Length: 10:00 am - 01:00 pm

Ankytrixx and Friends Entertainment are bringing down Brazillian duo Digitaria down for a two city tour that will will be held at the Privee in Delhi on the 10th of Junefollowed by Ark in Mumbai on the 11th of June.

The Brazilian twosome Digitaria live by the philosophy that electronic music should have no boundaries, creativity and feelings are the only things that matter.Digitaria‘s music goes from purely dancefloor tracks to romantic vocal tunes — sometimes both at once.




We had a chance to interview them:


Question:  How did you guys start of Digitaria?

In 2004 when a friend of mine took me to Daniels studio in our home town in Brazil, I was really amazed by his instruments. He had anold Korg,poly6 synthesizer, Roland drum machine and that night I made my first music with him and then he invited me to come the next day and we never stopped .

Question:How do you describe your sound to a common man?

We try to make electronic music with soul, with no pre defiance of anyidea or genre. We also like to use vocals and live instruments to make it more human.

Question:Producers you admire?

Now I really enjoy Ben Klock’smusic, Nigel Godrich (producer of Radiohead), Shall Ocin , Atom Tm and also Paranoid London .

Question:Your Top 3 tunes right now?

Metropolis – Terra (Daniela side project)
The road not taken – Sefton
Iso- ShallOcin

Question: Playing at which festival has been the most amazing experience ever?

Tomorrowland Brazil, it was a huge festival connecting us to thousands of our fans who were so excited to see us back.

Question: What tips do you have for aspiring musicians who want to follow your footsteps?

Everyone has to be really persistent, never give up, always do what you really like, not pay attention to hype or fashion. Always finish tracks and send it to labels; try and hand it to the label yourself.

Question:What has been the most memorable moment in your career so far?

Our first tour in Europe after we got signed to Hot Creations in 2012 because we spent a lot of time just in Brazil and this was a big jump in our career. We played in lot of differentplaces, made a lot of friends; definitely one of the most special moments of our life.

Question : what does success mean to you?

Its peace and health first of all.if u don’t have this you don’t have anything. That’s the most important thing. You are successful if you have both these.

Question: Who are the top 3 artists you’d like to work with

Jimmy Edgar
Philip Glass

Question: Tell us about your upcoming releases? Any album plans?

We have made 3 albums, and now weenjoy doing EPs. We have a track coming Up of unsound minds with Skream’s label from London. We have a lot of tracks that we are deciding when to release.

Question: What have you heard about the Electronic Musicscene in India and what are you looking forward to most from this tour?

We hear the scene in India is growing day by day, I don’t know what to expect from the party, but I hear people here are really nice and open,we areexpecting to have a good time . Shall Ocin came to India for one of the AFE events and had agreat time and told us to expect the same, so we really looking forward to it.

Question: Do you have any special message for your Indian Fans?

We are just really glad that that we are here in India that too as part of Ankytrixx and Friends Tour. Coming to India was always our dream and we are just honored to play for you and thankful for all you guys who are listening to our music.

Namaste 


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