DimensionRED with Romeo Blanco | 28th April at Opa Bar & Café // CME

Venue: Opa Bar & Cafe

Location: Mumbai, India

Date: Apr 28 to Apr 29

Length: 09:00 pm - 01:00 am

28 / Apr / 2017

Mumbai, Enter the next Dimension!

Event by: WMS
Media Partner: Grapevine Online, Creative Minds Entertainment & EDM Lovers INDIA
For Reservations: 08291847086

DimensionRED is an experiential night club music property by WMS, set to take your clubbing experience to a whole new Dimension.
The Indian Clubbing experience has amplified in recent years and accentuated its value to consumers and audiences alike. However, DimensionRED promises to take the clubbing scene by storm.
This series of unforgettable events contribute to a first – of – its – kind music property, paying ode to cutting edge electronic dance music, hinging on high production value and creating visual experiences.
With a number of staggering performances already lined-up, DimensionRED sees a massive opportunity in experiential engagement in the indoor night-life space.

Romeo Blanco
True to his name, Romeo Blanco has successfully seduced the industry with a delectable studio dialect of universal resonance. Nowadays he’s well known as an all around music producer and mainstage artist of major festivals, like Tomorrowland, & clubs all around the globe. From Europe to South-America, North-America & Asia, he is turning up the love in every corner of the world.
Where the name ‘Romeo’ beckoned images of abstract adoration throughout history, the life and times of Romeo Blanco culminate from a genuine love of his craft and the dynamic verve to make an audible mark on Electronic Dance Music.

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