Budweiser : The Game Changer in the Electronic Dance Music industry in India!

India is one of the biggest emerging markets in the dance music industry. And has already reached that level where every artist in the world wants to perform here. But the issues which the Indian promoters always face are the high charges of the international acts, high standard productions and brand visibility to an extent.

It was high time we needed a game changer in the Industry. Budweiser is one of the largest brands in the world today which has been promoting & supporting the dance music scene since a time now. And being associated with some of the largest festivals like Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnival, Sensation and many more they are surely raising the bar in the dance music scene.


India being a country where the industry is yet to expand to it’s full potential, Budweiser has taken a huge step by introducing major festival properties like Sensation & EDC India. Lack of international fests coming to India was always a major disadvantage for the audience to experience a line up to cherish for. Kicking off with Sensation in March 2016, Budweiser proved that India surely has potential to host major international festival featuring some of the biggest acts in the dance music industry like Axwell, Afrojack, Laidback Luke, Lost frequencies and many more. Budweiser even connected the Indians fans with one of the biggest festivals in the world Tomorrowland by hosting Tomorrowland Unite in Hyderabad which is a mirror to the main festival. And now they are taking things to the next level by hosting the Electric Daisy Carnival which features a massive lineup consisting of  Alesso, Steve Aoki, Yellow Claw, Marcus Shculz, Afrojack & more followed by some of the country’s best homegrown artists. Supporting Indian acts and giving them a platform to showcase their talent is one of the key factors in the first edition of EDC India.


As a part of their newly launched campaign ‘Always Brewing’, Budweiser has hosted its international music property ‘What’s Brewing’ too. This campaign features an All Star Homegrown lineup performing in clubs across the country. The concept will take the Indian audiences on a journey across the world of different sensations, moods, experience and genres. Focusing on the core theme of the campaign which is ‘Always Brewing’.

Budweiser has surely been a recent game changer in the Dance music Industry and we at the CME headquarters are loving it. We truly hope that they bring in all the major festivals around the world to India and make the country next Dance Music hub.

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