Boiler Room made it’s long awaited debut in India partnering with Budweiser’s What’s Brewing.

We’ve all waited for a lot of years for one of electronic dance music’s finest and popular showcase, Boiler Room. This December, Boiler Room made it’s debut in India, teaming up with Budweiser as part of the global What’s Brewing campaign. The news of Boiler Room coming to India was met with a brilliant response, with fans flocking to the nation’s party capital of Mumbai. The event was a strictly invite only showcase and we were lucky to have been a part of the first ever Boiler Room x Budweiser showcase in India. As expected we were not disappointed and left the venue with a satisfied feeling. Let us tell you a little about what went down on that epic night.


The Hype

Boiler Room is one of the most popular and exclusive Global Music Platforms and are known for their brilliant selection of artists and their live stream. The showcase is majorly built upon the intimate music experience it offers fans. All over the world Boiler Room gives a selected audience a chance to live an epic party with an exceptionally talented artist in a setting which only multiplies the whole gig experience. India has been waiting for a Boiler Room showcase for quite a long time and we finally got one. The event surely lived up to its hype and saw a big chunk of India’s electronic music faculty throw their hands in the air and get lost in the awesome music planned for the night.


The Star Cast

India’s first ever Boiler Room was headlined by British producer Actress and to support him for the night were 3 of the country’s extremely talented artists. The showcase featured the extremely talented Sandunes who has been on a roll lately with a successful US Tour and a spanking new album that explored various genres like Future Garage, Two-Step and Electronica. Sandunes kickstarted the show with a lovely set that blended electronic music with some carefully selected live beats. It was one of those few events where you see the complete crowd walking in early and surely they were amazed with Sandunes and her exceptional console presence.


Taking over from Sandunes was Oceantied, one of the brightest talents from the Red Bull Music Academy’s camp. Oceantied started his set with his own production Tribals, and followed it up with some fantastic track selection and took things to the next level with a power packed set. He was perhaps the best set of the night with that energy and crowd control. Taking over from Oceantied was _RHL a.k.a. Rahul Giri, one half of the downtempo/electronica act Sulk Station that mixes trip-hop and bass with a live performance.


As expected _RHL started off mellow and played tune after tune that enthralled the audience and took the night to a different level altogether. _RHL ended his set with some certified bangers including some of his own productions which were a perfect blend of electronica and grime and some fast paced drum and bass.

The night ended with British producer, Actress playing a mighty impressive set. Darren Cunningham who hails from UK, is known for his high energy sets that feature the crackling sweet sound of Vinyls and boy, we loved it all the way through. We were right there besides Darren watching how carefully and skillfully he mixed track after track with his Vinyls. Pretty damn impressive. His set was a tad more on the melodious side when it started but turned into a high octane banger towards the end. A perfect way to close one of the biggest nights for electronic dance music in India.

The Venue

Boiler Room & Budweiser could not have chosen a better venue for the showcase. Mumbai’s very own antiSOCIAL has Boiler Room written all over it. With the perfect underground basement vibe to a stellar audio-visual setup. We couldn’t have asked for more. The event was invite only and it’s safe to assume that every single invitee showed up! The place was packed and the setup was absolutely enticing. Oh, how we miss the dark underground vibes from that night.

Closing Words

Boiler Room x Budweiser What’s Brewing is definitely one of the most historic events of our time and has paved the pathway for many more to come. We definitely look forward to the next edition of the event.

You can stream the event here to watch went down that night :



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