Axwell’s recent tweet hints new Swedish House Mafia ?

After a breathtaking performance last week at Amsterdam Dance Event by Axwell^Ingrosso, Axwell’s latest tweet drops a huge bomb on the all Swedish House Mafia reunion rumors running around since the time they disband the group. We surely know that Axwell, Ingrosso & Angello wont be coming together for a SHM reunion as Angello has been telling in almost all his interviews that they are not getting back, but you never know whats coming in from the Swedes.


A recent tweet by Axwell which was later on deleted has now made the fans curious that SHM reunion is really on papers. Axwell tweeted ” The Countdown to the new era has begun. Never is too late to get back on track ” with a  new logo and the date on Ultra Music Festival‘s last day i.e 26/03/2017. Ultra Music Festival 2013 was their last performance as Swedish House Mafia, and this tweet might just be the return fans have been waiting for.


But, there could possibly be a new twist in the story, Amy Thomson posted a picture on her Instagram account of bringing out Alesso on stage during Axwell^Ingrosso’s performance. Alesso who has been influenced with Axwell & Ingrosso since the start of his career could be the one to join hands with the two legends and form a new Swedish House Mafia. The logo hints a new addition could probably be someone from the letter A.
AIA could be Axwell | Ingrosso | Angello what the fans want, or it could be the one which the CME headquarters think is true Axwell | Ingrosso | Alesso.

amy-instaWhat ever the new be, we surely know that this year the Sunday at Ultra Music Festival, Miami is going to be one memorable night. Let’s hope we see the old Swedish House Mafia back in action.


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