Axwell releases a new song ; Ingrosso to collaborate with Alesso!

It surely has been quite a day for all the Axwell /\ Ingrosso fans with the swedes treating them with a brand new tune & some news which is bound to get you on your toes!

To kickstart with this, Axwell today released a brand new power packed vocal track “Belong” along-with one of the newest member of the Axtone family “Shapov” who has been making his way to the bulletin since the past few months.

This track sounds like everything and nothing all at once, getting a euphoric feeling all together with massive, bombastic melodies that let you make room for a tiny-bit of childlike wonder!

Axwell, an artist who attributes his music making skills to cosmos–the circular natures of time, trends, and music, always exhilarates his fans with his top notch skills!

Another one is about a brand new collaboration between Ingrosso & Alesso.


YES! You read it right. Their last collaboration “Calling” which was released 4 years ago, went viral & still can be heard being played by producers at venues across the globe!
These two swedes go together pretty well & might just drop the next big hit of 2016.

Check out their Twitter interaction here:-

We’re sure that this has made your day!

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