Minimal techno producer Folic State releases his 9th EP

Minimal techno producer Folic State releases his 9th EP

2018 has been an exceptional year for Folic State, the silent whisperer of the techno/minimal crop of India, with
strong releases on Phobos, KDB, Plazma and Qilla Records. With burgeoning interest in the sound of the underground, this is a promising time for techno/minimal producers.
The average club-goer is much more open- minded and Folic State’s new EP couldn’t have come at a better time.

Wandering Minds’ gives a solid opening to the EP, with a vibe which is at once deep, dark and menacing.
Cleverly deployed drums along with eerie synths glide over a stolid bass line, taking the edge off the seriousintro. which is sure to bump some heads.


The EP moves on with the title track ‘Soft White Walls’ a track which instantly grabs your attention with its phat groovy bass. As usual Folic State demonstrates perfect restraint in the use of effects letting the structure retain its meat.
There are many interesting moments with some hypnotic samples which give the track plenty of room to breathe. Overall it’s a nice and steady build up to the last instalment of the EP.
The final track ‘Cube’ takes the tempo up a notch making you want to hit the floor just a few seconds in! Embodying the characteristic Folic State sound, it does justice to the whole EP, by being an appropriate
culmination to the sonic experience. With an excellent tune offsetting its groovy undertone, the track makes the EP feel complete.

A three track army, this EP is as dark as it is upbeat. Akin to the sound of Berlin, it brings out the sith lord in Folic State, the constant purveyor of notes ranging from the melodic to the obscure. This is the sort of EP that drives
you to the floor or has you dreaming about space travel, depending on the mood you are in!

Releases December 10, 2018 via Bandcamp.
Grab your copy here :-

BY gajodhar

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