Armin Van Buuren & Fernando Garibay – I Need You

In what can only be regarded as a truly titanic team-up, Armin van Buuren and Fernando Garibay have exceeded all expectations and then some. The Grammy-nominated Dutchman and the Grammy-winning songwriter and producer joined forces for ‘I Need You’ (feat. Olaf Blackwood).

‘I Need You’ features the powerful vocals of Olaf Blackwood and could easily be one of the most stand-out collaborations of the year. The song is a testament to Armin van Buuren’s unrelenting drive to explore his musicality, spotlighting a sound so infectious it’s bound to turn heads all over the globe.

Throughout his career, renowned producer and songwriter Fernando Garibay helped write and produce a number of global hit singles, which earned him five #1s in the US and several Billboard Dance Top 10 records. He has worked with huge artists such as U2, Kylie Minoque, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Shakira and Enrique Iglesias, and produced Lady Gaga’s ‘The Fame Monster’, which won ‘Best Pop Vocal Album’ at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards in 2010.

To support the release of ‘I Need You’, an eye-popping music video is to hit the world a week from now. The music video, which was shot in L.A., adds to the magic of the song by way of its striking images and humorous take on the superstar lifestyle.

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