Arjun Vagale & Ramiro Lopez announce Odd Recordings

Odd: irregular, non-conventional, uncommon, individual… Adjectives all the most exciting artists aspire to. After all, who wants to make regular, common, and general music?

It’s this drive and ambition to create something new, different, not-of- thenorm and free from rules and formula that united the Indian and Spanish individuals five years ago. Bonding at international events such as ADE, BPM and Sonar – and Arjun Vagale inviting Ramiro Lopez out to south Asia for his first Indian tour – the two have gradually amassed an impressive body of collaborative work on some of the most prominent and influential labels in techno: SCI + TEC, Terminal M and Bedrock.

Now ready to level up their partnership, Arjun and Ramiro now present Odd records – a stable to develop and explore their fused sound and support other kindred spirits who enjoy relishing in the irregular. A development from Arjun’s music merchandise, expect the unexpected: Odd Records is just as likely to celebrate art, technology and events as it is to herald recorded music. And it starts right here with two incredible modular synth tailored, dancefloor-focussed techno creations that fit their non-conventional remit perfectly.

‘Oddball’ is a stark statement of intent. Pounding as they mean to go on, we’re catapulting into a series of militant kicks as a human element is twisted into the rhythm stating ‘this is not gonna take long’…. They’re right: with the sinewy, riff and laser-bending build up, it won’t take long for the madness to ensue. ‘Even Flow’ takes a deeper tact with its heads-down grungey thunder. Ploughing into the future with sharp acidic insistency, the pair sweep us off our feet with a sudden break into soaring, scorching bass before uplifting us once again with insane results. Both killer left-of- centre dancefloor techno chaos-makers, both tried and tested by both individuals since the festival season, both perfect soundtracks as we march into a fresh new year with a fresh new label…. 2017: the year of the Odd.

Release Date : 20th January 2017
Format : Digital

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