Anish Sood announces a new single and a hybrid label!

Anish Sood has been enchanting crowds all over the world with his vocally rich, melodic deep house productions since he began his DJ career in 2008, and now this Indian heavy hitter is back with his newest release “Don’t Stop”, a collaboration with LA-based singer/songwriter Charlie Sputnik.


Don’t Stop” is everything you want when taking your newest love interest to a dance club for the first time—its lighthearted melodies serve as a counteracting complement the sultry vocals, culminating for a track that possesses both emotional and dancefloor appeal.

We’ve come to expect nothing less from Anish Sood, who has become one of the most esteemed artists to break through the Indian dance music scene. He has demonstrated his prowess in producing both original creations, such as “Superfly,” and undeniably catchy remixes, which include the likes of ZHU and Radiohead. Although Sood’s style tastefully ranges from breezy, melodic house to electro to techno-influenced beats, his music always possesses an innate groovy quality that few can replicate.


The release also marks the launch of Anish’s new label “CLASS ACTION.” The label will function as a hybrid platform for music, fashion and art; featuring collaborations and releases with talented artists and designers across the spectrum.

Anish says “Launching my own label has always been a dream and I’m thrilled that it’s finally taking shape now. With CLASS ACTION I aim to deliver not just quality music but also fresh clothing and carefully curated art. We plan to sign artists across genres beginning next year and the focus will firmly be on quality and not quantity.”


Anish Sood, Charlie Sputnik – Don’t Stop will be releasing on December 22nd, 2016 across all major online music stores.


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