This 17 year duo’s song on a real life love story left us awestruck!

Tarush Anand & Lakshya Mahajan are the boys behind the name Alpha X Omega. Their journey as DJ/Producer duo
 started in 2012 when they were in the 9th grade of Modern School, Barakhamba Road in New Delhi. At the age of 12 the boys started playing around on virtual DJ and within a years time started producing their own music on FL Studio. In the early days of their musical journey, they used to perform at small clubs for free just for the sake of music. At 13 years of age Tarush & Lakshya were not quite sure if they would want to take Alpha X Omega as their career but by the age of 16 the boys got a tremendous amount of support from their friends/family members and because of that they built themselves and created their own vibe in their age group.


And adding to their prolific profile is another brand new single which paces up with the bickering of birds & said transits you into a tropical journey giving you a slice of pop and house, vocals by Dylan Matthew is just another additional aspect which elevates the track. These guys are surely setting a benchmark for productions for a number of producers because trust us, at this age where most of us are still trying to figure out our lives, these teenagers have already craved a part.


The story behind the track – The boys have been working on a song with Dylan Matthew from the United States and its called “You & I”. The story behind this song is about a boy who loses his girlfriend and is struggling with life because of it. In the lyrics of the song you can figure out how a boy questions himself initially in the starting by asking himself “How did i end up here? Driving around with no one around just me, I think i’ve lost my mind dear, Got caught in the lights they’re shining too bright i can’t see” which means that he is lost and is feeling lonely because of losing the person he loved the most, Also he thinks that he is going crazy by realising the fact that she is not in his life anymore and feels under the limelight of being treated like shit for no reason. To understand the reality of the song you need to through a heartbreak and later we are sure that you will relate to it.

Summary of the song “Sometimes we don’t value the love someone has for us”.

Ring in the New Year with this  Alpha x Omega single – YOU & I ft. Dylan Matthew, listen to it:


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