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As a dedicated psychedelic artist U-Recken has managed through the years to capture the essence of psy music with structures, stories and melodies that touched thousands of people. Throughout his career in trance, U-Recken has always succeeded in embedding a profound deeper meaning into his full length studio albums. Touching the listener’s soul in the connection between the ethereal melodies and the clear unifying messages inside his art. U-Recken takes psy trance to its right place as intelligent music which uses the base and rhythm as a carrier for the message of light love and Eternal freedom of thought.

Yaniv Ben-Ari got into trance music in 1998, when he was 20 years old. He was born in Haifa, Israel, and was playing in rock bands since he was 14. Soon after that he was working as a music producer and sound engineer in recording studios in Israel. Yaniv also worked as a sound engineer at theater plays in New York and Great Britain. The long exposure to music drove him to start DJ-ing and organizing trance parties. After a while he realised that playing his own music was much more fun, so he started to write music, which was soon appreciated by Doof Records. His musical style has developed from harsh dark banging full on trance into a more melodical (yet still pumping) form of psytrance, which made Doof records decide to invite him into the rising Dooflex project.


Delhi, YOU can join for a night of Deep Psychedelic Music with U-Recken at Privee’ on 11th November, Friday 2016. More info at:




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