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Bass music is on an all time high and we are simply loving it. It has been long overdue. The quality of artists that have come up in the Bass Music industry has had a phenomenal rise in the last 2 years. With best selling albums to sold out world tours, bass music producers are doing it right!

One such duo is that of Derek Andersen and Scott Land collectively known as SLANDER. The duo come from Los Angeles, California and have made quite the impact on the bass music scene. With ‘Slander’ all set for their debut India Tour this month, we thought it would be apt for us to tell you ‘All About – Slander’.


Derek and Scott formed Slander because of their shared love for bass oriented music. They majorly produce Trap Style music and their tracks and remixes have received a tremendous response from their fans. They received a lot of recognition for their absolutely stunning remix of Above & Beyond’sLove Is Not Enough‘ and their smashing remix of  Showtek‘s ‘We Like To Party‘.  The duo are known for their powering energy and for relentlessly pushing the limits to churn track after track of Trap goodness. Growing up in a very versatile and fast changing music culture generation, Derek and Scott faced a lot obstacles when they began their journey. There were a lot of new and up and coming DJs out there and the competition was tough. Through all these difficulties they managed to stay focused on their music and eventually made it to the top of the charts. Their stage presence is top notch with a display of amazing energy that keeps the crowd geared up and ready to go all out dancing to their sets.

Today the duo are performing at some of the best festivals and clubs around the world and have garnered quite the fan following. Derek often says that they perform at every show as if it’s their last show and manage to put an amazing performance for the crowd. In the production department, their remixes often bring a track to life with the perfect trap makeover bundled with immense energy. The duo aim to keep belting out chart topping remixes and at the same time are also focusing on their productions. Here, have a listen to some of the brilliant stuff buy Slander.

With their debut India Tour just around the corner, we would like to recommend that you do not miss their gig in your city. Slander will be a part of District 808,a property founded by Deep Sound Entertainment to promote all kinds of bass music. The tour will see them stop on 9 Sept at Privee’, Delhi followed Kitty Su, Mumbai on 10th September, the last leg will take place in Skyee in Bangalore on the 11th of September. You should keep a close on our Facebook page for more updates.

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