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Israel has been at the forefront of trance, techno, and psychedelic trance since the 90s, and over time we have seen quite a big number of talented DJ’s churned out from this war stricken Middle Eastern country. Asher Swissa, more popularly known as Skazi is one of the biggest stars from the electronic dance music scene who is going strong since 1998. And before the maestro makes his way to India for a 3 city tour, let us tell you ‘All About – Skazi’.


Skazi can easily identified as the ‘Rockstar’ of electronic dance music whose popularity keeps on growing year after year and you can come across many ravers from the late 90’s and early 2000’s who hero worshiped the man and the posters of Skazi armed with a guitar adorned proudly on their bedroom walls. Skazi released his first album ‘Animal’ way back in 1998 which is highly rated as one of the best albums in electronic dance music and it consisted of 9 party monsters which ranged in between the high 140 bpm’s.

The highlight of this album was the way Skazi incorporated the wild guitar riffs in most of his tracks. There with the guitar, Skazi simply transformed the way electronic dance music was perceived and there we had a winner who had channelized the rock and roll vibes into funkier electronic dance music. Skazi was one of the biggest headliners in the early 2000’s and he toured across the globe playing around in countries like India, Brazil, Australia and many more. Skazi along with his bandmate Assaf B-Bass received love from fans all across the world and especially from India which has been a sucker for psychedelic trance particularly.

Find out why we are going gaga over his guitar skills in the video below :


Skazi has collaborated with many top names of psychedelic trance acts like Freedom Fighters, Bliss and many more as he was a regular feature on the DJ Mag Top 100 rankings in the last decade. Over the years, his music turned commercial much to his fans dislike but Skazi bounced back last year with the release of his new album ‘Spin’. His last album focussed more on the psychedelic sounds and was quite whole heartedly welcome by his fans.
Skazi who is a big fan of young modern day superstar DJ’s like Skrillex and Deadmau5 is constantly working on his music, incorporating the new changes in his bass and kick driven music which has survived the test of time 🙂


Make sure you witness Skazi live in action as he makes his way to India for a 3 city tour this September that kicks off at Kitty Su, Mumbai on Friday the 16th and Delhi on the 17th.

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