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Goa’s premier boutique music festival, Krank, recently dropped the big news that the legendary Robert Babicz will be a part of the festival’s lineup for 2016. Krank takes place from the 27th to the 30th of December at Chronicle in Vagator, Goa. With a lineup that already featured Betoko, Nils Hoffman, Martin Roth and many more stellar artists, the addition of Robert Babicz’s name is a cherry on top of the icing. Before he takes over Krank Goa along with a brilliant star studded lineup, let us tell you, ‘All About – Robert Babicz’.


There are only a handful of artists in the industry that have their way with visuals and audio together and Robert is surely the finest of them. Robert loves to infuse his tracks with some brilliantly shot videos and pictures which he himself takes on his tours. He loves to capture the essence of his travels and loves to blend them with his productions. With over 2 decades of music under his belt, he is one of the most respected artists in the industry. Robert is known more for his brilliant live sets where he is constantly improvising with his synths and live equipments.


Very few artists have the skills to encompass sound, vision, emotion and spirituality of themselves and the world around them and bundle it into a hypnotic tune. Robert’s journey started almost 2 decades back when he played on equipment he had never used. Using that as a challenge and converting it into a learning experience, he set on a path of self discovery and reinvention. His audience accepted his experiments with his music with open arms and that encouraged him to take his live performance to the next level. From Techno to Ambient to Minimal, Robert has tried his hands at everything and managed to churn out some belters in the process. But what he is renowned for are his Acid Techno productions he produced as Rob Acid. Those are some phenomenal tracks which shaped the Acid Techno scene at it’s peak.


Robert started enjoying his live shows a lot and kept on reinventing his own tracks every time he played them. He used to discard the settings on his instruments after every night after his shows and make them all over again organically at the next one. This process made sure that none of his sets were the same and the freshness was always maintained. In a world of pre-recorded sets, Robert has been pretty upfront about his preference for a live show and always loves to create something unique. Robert is also blessed with Synaesthesia which means that to music and notes appear like 3D symbols and shapes telling stories. He weaves his productions with these visions and is able to channel it all through his tracks. Photography is an essential component of Robert’s art and his fans know and love his sensitive and dramatic photos from all over the globe as much as his music. His images are as distinctive as his tracks because, for him, a beautiful photo has its own harmony. He sees music and he hears images, allowing him to bring about a unique artistic synthesis that evokes the underlying energies and structures of the cosmos, speaking to a universal need for beauty and harmony in a fractured world.


Robert continuously pushes the boundaries of electronic music as an artist, consultant, teacher, and engineer. Among Robert’s more than 1000 releases are seven albums and a flood of tracks for labels including Bedrock, INTEC, Mille Plateaux, Systematic, Audiomatique, K2, Treibstoff, SUGA, Punkt and Praxxiz. In recent years, he has focused increasingly on his own imprint, Babiczstyle, which epitomises his sound, emotions and ethos.

Robert’s exceptional sound-design, mastering and studio skills have prompted companies like Native Instruments and Apple to request his help on sound-design projects. He also teaches workshops on production and his music philosophy and is one of the electronic music world’s most in-demand mastering artists. Fellow artistes from across the dance music spectrum trust Robert to perfect the technical aspects of their records while rendering the emotions and intention even clearer.

We can’t wait to witness the legend back in India after a long time and lose ourselves to his set at Krank Goa.



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