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We’re 99% sure that you’ve grooved your way in a field, surrounded by drunk people, with neon sticks, ecstatically pointing out at the screen visuals at some point of time in the Summer and the chances are that the DJ on the stage was Swedish. Hovering & enthusing crowds of thousands by blending the twinkling house they pioneered a decade ago, along with the thrilling asymmetry of dubstep, these guys have given the industry a much needed stimulus, which it had longed for!

Five six zero

One such is a person who in his youth, spent his time sneaking around & trying to book a spot in clubs and make a name for himself in the electronic circuit is the Swedish based “Otto Jetman” better known by his stage name to masses as “Otto Knows”.

Graced by a chance meeting with the Swedish House Mafia frontman, Sebastian Ingrosso, proved to be a turning point of Otto’s career as he went on to showcase his explicit skills as a DJ while touring alongside the Refune Records man & the ex-Mafia member and sending his fellow competitors into a frizzy!

It can be said that Ingrosso was that one impetus in his life who really pushed Otto into focusing on his music 100 percent of the time, round the clock, 24 hours a day and prowl. The guy even gave Otto the keys to his recording studio and told him to make something! Quite a sorcerous agent, aint’ he?

Otto Knows first burst onto the electronic music scene as part of Sebastian Ingrosso’s Refune Records family with his single “Million Voices”, which immediately put him high on the global map and on the list of A rated DJs, and that’s the point form where the alchemy begins & changed the entire game. The swede henceforth became unstoppable shelling out bangers after the other!

The track immediately landed him opportunities to work with other artists as a remixer and co-producer, including as a writer and producer on Britney Spears’ 2013 single “Work B*tch.” He has been tabbed to do remixed for the likes of Dada Life, Bebe Rexha, Burns, ATB,and how can we forget his Starlight remix by Don Diablo in his career which was surely the talk of the town for quite some time and  so as not to forget his 2014 hit collaboration “Parachute”!

And a complete feast to your ears, Otto-knows added another landmark to his career after releasing “Back Where I Belong” with his fellow Swedish childhood friend, “Avicii” with lyrics like,

“I’ve been everywhere and nothing is new, I’ve done everything I’ve set out to do” and “now I’m back where I belong, I’ve finally made it home” surely makes us feel a lot home!

He surely makes us feel a lot at home!


Having left no stone unturned to prove that he’s one of the hardest working musicians of the scene, the Swede makes his way to India for a 2 city tour covering Mumbai on the 9th of September & Bangalore on the 10th for ‘Five Six Zero‘ festival!

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