All About Justin Mylo!

Although Justin Mylo is one of the up-comers in the dance music scene, ever since his name started showing up on lineups for Dont let daddy know and multiple Ibiza showdowns throughout the almanac at every aeon, he has been proving that he’s the next thing to make it to the top & has been making his presence felt thereby!

Something which started as a hobby seven years ago, now is a full time job, a source of livelihood for Justin Mylo who is making each & every moment of his life count through his coherent passion of music. Surely an inspiration for all the newbies in the industry out there, ain’t he?

Instead of us trying to shell out his passion for music, he in his own words :-

‘It’s hard to say if I love producing or DJing better, I believe the connection between the two makes it complete. Making my own music and seeing the reaction I get from the crowd makes my work the best thing ever.’


Ever since he started out by playing at some of the local clubs about 8 years back, this young lad has gained some considerable amount of attention in the past year, which includes sharing the stage with the current #1 DJ in the world, the Dutch wonderkid Martin Garrix end numbers of times at some of his parties at Ibiza and has even made the crowd sizzle at Tomorrowland.

The 25 year prodigy is also credited in helping Garrix produce his recent videogame themed single, titled “BouncyBob“.


Although he’s just getting started now. Music has been Justin’s passion for a long time now and his own singles like Jumping Jack, Groovy George + more surely do speak for themselves. And as we know that Justin and Garrix have been good friends for the past year, so who knows, we might just see Justin on the STMPD roster pretty soon!

Catch Justin Mylo live at the Sunburn Arena by Sunburn Festival.

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