Why Music & Alcohol have always been best friends!

The world says that the best memories are made over a glass of alcohol. Be it Vodka, a Chilled Beer or that Glass of Wine, we’ve all had moments with our drinks and our close friends. Add music to that and we get an unbeatable combo of memories. We see many alcohol brands promoting music and music festivals alike. We have been asked this question many times, does one enjoy music better under the influence? We certainly don’t think one needs alcohol to enjoy music, but it helps to prime us for the night to come. Every music lover has a different poison. Let’s take a look how some alcoholic beverages pair well with music.



Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence!

Hypothalamus, a gland located in the mid-brain, controls a part of the emotional aspect of the human body (which makes you cry even when you’re happy, because the thalamus is stupid 😂😂), sends signals which relates to that, wines taste smoother with the music you love, whereas when it’s a mismatch, they can taste harsh and astringent.

Wine enthusiasts, like lovers of numerous musical genres, can connect to an emotional moment when a song & wine excites their passion so memorably that they try to recreate that moment again. In that state, not only the wine, but even the whole environment harmonizes perfectly!

Wine & music and closely linked to each other, enhance each other, and help us to tap into sown unforgettable experiences. Quite the scandal, ain’t it?



Broke or not, undoubtedly, the most adored drink of a dance music fan, which he/she must get their hands upon to make an electronica night a successful one!
And this is one drink, which has been successfully marketed and delivered quite well in the industry. Alcohol brands mentioned in songs (mentioned least in rock music) often have sponsorship or other relationships with the artists—sometimes in the form of concert sponsorship or endorsement agreements.

For eg. The Swedish House mafia hit, “Greyhound” and it’s music video was used to promote Absolut Vodka which was successfully delivered in the dance music circuit.
The more you listen to that kind of music, the more you are bound to get synonymous with the respective brand of vodka, reveals a study.
So now the scientists must research about the type of music or sounds Russians come across everyday!



At some point during the evening, in dusty, dimly lit bars across the land, two things happens: the lights go down and the music goes up and so do the beers!
Had a bad day at work? A Corona & your favourite tune will set it all right!
It all has to do with the effect of multi-sensory information on the taste of food and drink products. It’s currently an area of interest among scientific communities, plenty of research showing that what we see and hear can have a huge effect on our perception and enjoyment of certain flavours. Sound is a big player in this scientific arena: it has been found to potentially enhance our enjoyment of both food and drink, studies have previously shown, for example, that soundtracks can influence your swinging moods!
So, basically, now you know why whenever you put your favourite tunes on, you want to crack open a cold one!

These are just some of the combinations that we have explored. Do tell us which drink you enjoy with your favourite music. Leave a comment and share this article with all your close friends so they can all plan a party soon 🙂 Cheers!

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