After Martin Garrix & Hardwell, EPIC Amsterdam releases Kerano’s latest collaboration with KROSSES

Known for his fist-pumping sound, KERANO’S new collaboration with Krosses is a slice of radio-friendly cutting edge Electronic music. The burgeoning Indian electronic music scene has served up another star-in-waiting in the form of KERANO, whose previous outings on leading labels like Spinnin’, Ultra and Armada have scored him a Beatport #1 and three Progressive House Top 10s.

And finally we know who is this mysterious duo Krosses. 

They are an UK/Indian duo who met via online forums and decided to collaborate together remotely. Their identities are hidden for the moment, but what’s clear to see is their knack for crafting a stunning track. Distorted, synth-like electric guitars kick the track off before an impassioned vocal creates a melancholic mood over warm 808 bass tones. Gentle piano chords pulse in tandem with airy vocal cuts, and the ‘chorus’ section brings a head-nodding trap-influenced beat and more glorious vox synths. With widescreen atmospherics and little tinges of tropical flavour thrown in for good measure, it’s a truly sublime effort that suggests that these three would do well to collaborate again in the future.


At just 22 years of age, KERANO had already made a huge name for himself. With a packed tour schedule across India for the rest of the year, he’s setting his sights on the global stage for 2017. With this new release signed to the legendary Epic/Sony, it looks like he’s well on his way to becoming a global star.


KERANO & Krosses ‘Fade Away’ is out now on various platforms:



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