After Deadmau5, another DJ remixes Tunak Tunak Tun!

We all are pretty well versed with the Deadmau5 remix of the evergreen Tunak Tunak Tun by Daler Mehandi, which was the talk of the town when Deadmau5 came for his his debut India tour across three Indian cities as a part of Sunburn Festival’s arena concept, and also invited Daler to perform Tunak Tunak Tun live on the stage & took him for a coffee run in a Lamborghini across the Buddh international circuit as well back in 2014!

You can check out the entire video here :

And just off late, an emerging artist from Belgium, “Todiefor” (included in the list of top 21 Belgian artists) did quite a job in remixing the Indian Classic.
And surely the results are always bound to be impeccable when you take a 16 year old Indian track & that also by THE DALER MEHNDI and remix it!


Enough of us, you can stream the track here:

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