We are 'Creative Minds Entertainment' a group of hardworking and talented individuals who believe in one common goal, 'Music Matters' and have been working on it since the beginning. Our aim is to spread joy, have fun and share good music with the generations of tomorrow. Our mission is to enable this movement by providing our fans with the best possible live experiences, music discovery, online content and connectivity with other fans and events. #CME



Manas Tripathy / Founder

Manas is the inceptor of CME. Laying the foundations about 4 years back, he drives the company in Delhi. Manas who works fulltime with Phoenix Live also pursues Dance Music Journalism as a hobby. Reach him at: 


Gaurav Kedia / Manager

We call him the Wonder Kid. Gaurav is CME’s media spearhead. He’s the point of contact for all PR activities. And he does all this while  studying Business & Carbon compounds. Reach him at: 


Rahul Rane / Team Leader

Rahul is a full time Software Engineer with BNP Paribas and a Music Aficionado. Pursuing music journalism as a hobby, he’s one of our best guys! Reach him at:


Nikhil Sharma / Party Starter

Nikhil has a diverse work experience in the music industry. He is currently acting as an artist manager for BPM Hyderabad and for Ankytrixx & Friends Entertainment. For us he is the single point of contact for all on-ground activities in Mumbai & Hyderabad. Reach him at: